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Race cars not just for humans!

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I bought my boys (cats) a match box race car track this weekend and they loved it! I thought I would share a few pics.

Sampson was totally hooked on the cars.

CatZilla He enjoyed slipping under the track and waiting for the cars to go across his back.

It was hard to get pictures of Takoda and Magnum. They would hide and pounce, then take off before I could snap a shot. I did get one of Magnum and one of Takoda.

They would run in knock of the car and run out again. It was so funny.

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What a hoot! Boys will be boys!
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LOL, that's too cute!
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What fun!!!!!!! I bet there was lots of giggling coming from your house all weekend
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that is great!! they should put those in the cat toy aisle
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Brilliant, Eva!

I just love Sampson's expression waiting for the cars to come around! The first picture looks like he's aiming to derail the cars by eating the track!

Certainly looks like the perfect present for kitties and humans alike!
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How fantastic! Thats a fabolus idea... now I can buy the kitties a toy under the guise that my husband will love playing with it too! LOL
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That's a great idea! And from the looks of it, Sampson sure agrees!
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OMG that is hilarious!!!
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Those were too cute!!! I bought a crab toy for my girlz this weekend, and they loved it!! Love the pouncing and jumping.
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Looks like they had a ton of fun!
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Those pics are fantastic! I like the one of Sampson biting the track!
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That track would be toast in my house! Looks like they had a great time.
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