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How do you do it ???

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I look at all the gorgeous kitties on here and think to myself, 'I want to share the pictures of my cats too', but when I post them, it all goes weird, ie small image, with a huge white border. You guys seem expert picture posters...can you teach me ??? My brother has posted a couple for me, but he says he can't teach me as he is too busy...can you help ??? ...I won't flood the board...promise ! The instructions must be explained to me as if talking to an impatient 4 year old.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always

This is an example of my current picture posting skills, using a mis-mash, hap-hazard a guess, on PagePlus8 PDF Edition and PhotoPlus8.2, and I only use these programmes as I saw my brother click on them when he was posting a picture once, but I really have no idea what I am doing...check out the big white space below the image !!!
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Hi Sonia,

I am not familiar with the programs you are using however, it looks from the photo (beautiful cat by the way) that it is set to be like a greeting card or something. Just muck around with the photos, with cropping and stuff like that. You can't do anything wrong to the pic as long as you don't save it if you're not happy. Or make a copy of the pic and muck around with that. You'll have the original to go back to if you don't like the result. Also, try right clicking on the pic and choose 'save picture as' and then saving it somewhere easy.

Good luck!
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I'm not familiar with those programs. When you pick the picture and use Photoplus there will be an option somewhere for the layout of the pic. I assume you would alter that one. I just cropped your pic. But again, you have to change the original layout.

When you have a picture on your computer the only thing you have to worry about is the size. So crop it to the right dimensions and then you should be set.

Most of my recent pics are posted on an online site called Imagestation (www.imagestation.com). That is why I don't have to worry about the size, I just link to the site instead of actually posting the pics.

Hopefully someone will have knowledge of this program and give you specific instructions.
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Sonia, I'm not familiar with those programs either. But if you have a photo editing program like Paint Shop Pro you can just crop around the picture itself and then save it to eliminate the white area.
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Cute cat! All I did was right clicked on your picture here and saved it to my pictures file and then right clicked on it there and then clicked to view it with my photo program and then when it appeared in my photo program I clicked on edit, cropped it, then resized it so the biggest side was only 400 pixels, then saved it again. Sounds complicated, but believe me, if a computer dummy like me can learn how to do it, anybody can!
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