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Cozmo throwing up,,,

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Hi, Cozmo has started to throw up right after he eats a couple of treats. He used to eat these treats with no problem, I had to hide the container or he would try to get it open himself.

He ate one treat yesterday and in about 30 seconds he threw it back up. He did the same thing a few days before.

He is fine otherwise and eats his normal cat food just fine. Anyone know why he can't eat these treats now??
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Doc does the same thing sometimes also. I'm curious to know what other folks think about this. We noticed that when he's really hungry and eats too fast (= "inhales" treat w/o chewing! ), he tends to barf up the treat/kibble. Could this be the reason? No signs of illness or distress otherwise.
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Cozmo has figured out that if he eats these treats he gets sick so he won't even eat them any more. The other cats don't have a problem eating them and at first Cozmo didn't either, must be something in the treats his system don't like.
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My cat sometimes has this problem, but it is usually unrelated to the treats I give him. Sometimes, he just coughs up a hairball and the treats come up with it. Though, I notice that he sometimes doesn't chew the treats either. So, I started breaking the treats in half and he usually does fine. If they are hard treats, you could also try moistening them in water first.
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I used to feed Ginger Pounce treats until she started to throw up after eating them.

So I stopped feeding them to her and tried a different brand of treats.

Very simple, very easy, happy kitty.
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