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Kitten(s) with Crusted Eyes!

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Okay, so the kittens started opening their eyes about 5 days ago, Pandas eyes were the first to fully open, for 2 days they were open and clear. The next day, crust had formed over one eye, I used sterilized cotton guaze and cleaned it, like the sites say, and yesterday I noticed her other eye has crusted over! And then I pick up Sadie, and her eye has crust too! Could this be an infection? It's not green crust or anything, it's kind of a yellow-brown color. Should I just keep on doing what I have been or try something else? At petco they have an eye wash, but it contains a small amount of boric acid and I have heard that it can blind them. Should I be as worried as I am about it, or will it go away if I continue cleaning it everyday?
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Keep doing what you're doing. It is extremely important that kittens eyes remain open or the infection could cause blindness. We have kittens at the rescue like this and yes it is an infection. Wipe their eyes with a warm cotton ball twice a day and make sure the eyes open up each time. Use different cotton balls for each kitten each eye so you don't spread it and be sure and wash your hands. We also use an eye ointment on our kittens twice a day, but the name escapes me. We get it from the local vets. It comes in a small tube in a yellow box, but I have no idea what the heck it's called.
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I just called my vet, and he said I could come in and get some Moxy drops to clear it up, my vet is 45 minutes away though.
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Terramycin is a typical antibiotic eye ointment that vets prescribe. I found it sold at our local ACE Hardware store -- I don't know if all ACE's have a huge pet section but they had a cabinets with lots of meds for sale. The tube was $18 but you'd probably pay that at the vet anyway.

Just to empathize, my cat just had six kittens in June and we *just* got the eye problems cleared up. It started at around 2 weeks, it was stressful. Crusted over eyes in all of them except one! I have no idea how that one kitten didn't get infected, but there you go.
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the moxy drops cost $18 as well. I wonder if the co-op might have some of the Terramycin or moxy drops. I think the way the kittens are getting it is from scratching each other when they are nursing, they are not nice to each other at all when it comes to be feeding time!
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If it were me I'd drive the 45 minutes to the Vets office and get what he/she recommended.
When you buy stuff over the counter the label might say "use X amount X amount of times a day" BUT if you go to the Vet you'll be able to ask him/her questions...Like how much to put in each eye and how many times a day to do it AND what signs to look for in case of an allergic reaction or how many days to give the drops.
IMO it's better to talk to the Vet about things like this, you want to make sure you get the right info with something as important as they're little eyes.

I mention the allergic reaction because my Vet prescribed Terramycin for Gracie once...her eyes looked 1,000 worse turned out she was allergic to it.

Good luck, I hope the babies eyes clear up.
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I called the local co-op and ACE hardware, and neither have the meds. So I will try to drive down there tonight when I get off of work. If I can't make it tonight then my mother-in-law can get it tomorrow(she lives 5 minutes from the vet) on her way into work(she works in town). I get off of work around4:30 and the vet closes at 5:30 so I would definitely have to hurry to get down there.
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