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This North Korea stuff

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Will someone please tell me what is going on?! I think I am MORE afraid of THIS than I am of Iraq! I just heard that N. Korea kicked the UN Inspectors out!

Umm..HELLO! Is it me or is that a bad sign??
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They did? This is all too scary. I just wish that country leaders would find it in their hearts to maintain peace all over the world. ALl this fighting is so pointless and it causes innocent lives to get lost. I hate it!
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Or wait...they said THEY WOULD kick them. I guess they are watching some nuclear reactor thing or something over there like that....

It IS freaking me out. South Korea is our ally and if North Korea attacks South Korea...welllll..OF COURSE we get involved, but with BUSH (sorry..I am not a BUSH fan)...you know we will get involved anyway before any of the US gets taken care. We have problems of our own.

Please don't bash me because I hate Bush.....this stuff just scares me and I think with Iraq...he has a jones for Saddam because of Daddy Bush. GET OVER IT ALREADY.
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In our papers here it says that Australia will have to take the lead in sorting this out because we still have diplomatic ties to North Korea and are the only Western Country that does. I really sometimes think everyone should all calm down and keep out of everyone elses business. And I do agree that this is scarier than Iraq.
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They're actually not UN Inspectors, they're International Nuclear Commission inspectors.

And they weren't kicked out of the country, they had to leave the plant. North Korea is going to start inserting the fuel rods.

The one thing the news never mentions is that it is JUST possible that they might be using the plant for electricity. We stopped shipping them fuel over a month ago and have been slowing shipments for years. North Korea has no natural resources, and the US has been breaking its agreements with them since 1985.

We (the U.S.) were supposed to have built North Korea a light water reactor with a delivery deadline over a year ago. (LIght water reactors do not produce as a by-product of the reaction Plutonium, which is the whole issue here. It's enriched uranium and plutonium that can be used to make nuclear weapons.)
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I agree with you on the Bush comments carrie640. Don't mean to stir up anything here, but as an Australian and therefore an outsider I felt much safer about the world when Clinton was in. I think Georgie is a bit too trigger happy.
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...I just wanted to add that because of Iraq this is making the news in the way it is, but stuff like this (between the US and N. Korea) has been going on for decades. It's also more of an issue now because of S. Korea's changing relations with North Korea.

But North Korea has two or three nuclear weapons, biological and chemical weapons in HUGE quantities, and we've known about it for years. They also have over a one-million man standing army.

The only reason the U.S. hasn't taken on N. Korea before is because we can't. But NONE of these are new issues or NEW news.

China would never allow the U.S. to move against N. Korea anyway. Besides -we lost against them once this century already.

It sounds bad, but I wouldn't be too concerned. The U.S. has no intention of doing anything about it, and N. Korea gains nothing by using Nukes against anyone. THIS is all posturing.

The best thing that could happen is that it becomes such an over-riding issue that it prevents the US from going to war with Iraq because not having done anything about N. Korea becomes too "ironic" or whatever the right word here is. And "going to war" with N. Korea is not going to happen.
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I think that very well could be true what they are doing for electricity, etc, but we have sanctions on them for reasons....they cannot be trusted and if they have nothing to hide, why not let them in?

UGH. Sometimes I wish I were a Canadian! "Oh Canada..our home and native land.....!" lol
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Ohhhh..CHINA! That is true! No...I wouldn't want to go up against China...NO WAY HO ZAY!
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Flame me all you want. But I think Bush is an idiot, and that's why he scares me. I think he's turned this whole Middle East thing into a terrible situation, and this approach will NEVER resolve the problems between the Muslims and "the West."

The US hasn't even gotten any of the top 3 of al Qaida. bin Laden is still alive. We so easily forget that the Russians spent 10 years and lost 50,0000 - 60,000 men fighting in Afghanistan. And it played out just like it is for us. Quick rush the first year, but the enemy took to the ground - and then started making attacks against positions in the cities over several years.

It's just nuts. Heroin and opium product exports were down to an approximate 85 tonnes before we took out the Taliban. They esimate almost 1200 tonnes were shipped this year. Sorry - this Bush is an idiot.

Bush's father was smart, but he's the one who didn't finish the job in Iraq to begin with.
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Carrie - of course we have sanctions against them for reasons! But if we were worried about the N. Koreans for having a heavy water facility, why not deliver the light water facility we were supposed to?
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I am anti-Bush. I did not vote for him. "Saddam tried to hurt my daddy so now I am gonna have to hurt him just as soon as I wipe my eyes with that there kleenex".

You know....I haven't been following this the last few days...do we know if Iraq passed the inspections??? If they did...why don't we just get the hell out of there and let it go?

One other question though.....and I only ask because I am intrigued with learning more about this...... BUT...is this what the Bible is talking about with the end of the world coming? I mean...is this the start of it? Like I said...I don't know much about it and I am not trying to play some sort of religion thing, but I am just trying to understand and learn.
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Looks like there are a few anti-bush people here. I am one of them. I liked CLinton a lot, sure he made a mistake with that woman, but he did a real good job as president!
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I agree Kiwi, but then (and I hope I am right here), we are from the south Pacific and get a different view really. I mean, our Primeminister (Australian) is an idiot as well and due to his need to suck up to Georgie. He has placed us in danger for the first time in our history. I think they both have far too much testosterone buzzing through their veins.
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Yup Peugeot, Im from the south pacific too - Christchurch, New Zealand is my home Whereabouts in Sydney are you from? I stayed at a family friends at Collaroy Beach back in '90.
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I live at Bondi Beach, about a 2 minute walk. Never been to NZ though am hoping too next year to go skiing...it's cheaper and better than Aus. What are you doing in the US?
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Did anyone hear the blurb on CNN? Something about Iraq purchased 350 motor homes recently, but they seem to have vanished? Isn't it fairly simple to turn an RV into a refrigeration unit?
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A refrigeration unit???

Why would you need that? Again...I am a little slow when it comes to this scientific stuff!
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Peugeot, I am in the US because I married an american. If you go skiing, I recommend you go to Mt Hutt, its a great skifield and I used to go there all the time.

That is scary Hissy, I could be wrong but it does sound like that they may use them as refrigeration units because all they would need to do is modify a few things. But then again, wouldnt a refrigerator truck have the same effect?
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Help! Why do they need refrigeration units???
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Lucky you Kiwi...still would love to live in the US at some stage. My ex skiied Mt Hutt this year and said it was incredible.

I don't find the Iraq drama a problem really. The guy hasn't done anything in the last 10 years. It's all about oil. Any excuse Georgie can come up with to attack will be fine with him. I think the leaders of the world should get in a boxing ring and sort it out themselves instead of sending young innocents to fight for them.
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I don't know Carrie...to keep the rods cool?
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Carrie - refrigeration units could be used to keep biological weapons - they cannot be kept over a certain temperature or it wouldnt be viable.

Thats my assumption anyway.

I agree with you Peugeot, I think Bush is just looking for any excuse to start a war - I guess he wants to finish what daddy started.
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Of COURSE he is trying to finish what Daddy started. What the hell does he care? He has HIS small pox vacination! He has HIS freaking salary for the rest of his life. He doesn't care about those of us that have NEITHER. The man SCARES me! :paranoid2:
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Well, I may get flamed all over the place here....seems I'm in the minority...but I actually like George Bush. I usually try to steer clear of these types of discussions because my views are not always appreciated, and also I am not real "up" on what all is going on...there is alot I don't know....but I do think Bush is doing the best he can, and sure he will make mistakes, who wouldn't in that position....and who would want it for that matter...making life altering decisions for the whole country....WOW that is alot to handle!! But I think he is trying to do the best he can, and I sure as heck wouldn't want Al Gore in charge of this whole mess right now!!!!!! I also like the fact that Bush prays about his decisions before he makes them, he has stated that several times. I also think that instead of slamming our world leaders because we don't agree with them, maybe we should try praying for them instead. Pray that God will give them the wisdom they need to make the right choices. They are only human after all.
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I'm with you Debby, small minority in this discussion as we may be. Bush is doing what he can, and making the best choices he can. Sure, he doesn't sound as good as Clinton, but at least I don't feel like I'm being lied to or sold a used car every time Bush speaks. Clinton also used the military for more "police actions" around the world than his predecessors (smaller actions, granted), while the whole time depleting the resources and funding for the miltary that he used.

The thing that also scares me about N. Korea is that they are sending armed troops into the DMZ, and there are pictures to prove it. That breaks the terms of the treaty signed in 1953.
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Carrie, No one knows when the world will end. The Bible specifically says that. The signs, natural disasters, wars, rumors of wars, etc. have caused people to predict the imminent end ever since I can remember, and before my birth also!
I too believe that there's too much testosterone in the mix. However, in retrospect we might all be wrong. Hussein is not exactly an angel. And it's bad enough that we have the bomb, but China is probably the only nation with a large enough population to survive a nuclear war, and N. Korea is their ally. I know that when Hitler was carrying our his master plan, the world ignored Winston Churchill's warnings. I am so glad I am not responsible for these decisions. I lean toward pacifism, but that won't work unless the entire world believes that way.
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Hi Debby! No flames here! I do pray for Bush. I'm also sure he tries his best. I don't know that I prefer him to Gore. The problem is the President makes decisions based on info and opinions of his advisors. I think I prefer the people Al Gore would have picked.

It bothers me that Bush speaks only in soundbites. It bothers me that he is so willing to allow the country to give up the freedoms guaranteed in our constitution in order to fight this problem. THere must be other ways.

Iraq is a problem. North Korea is a problem. North Korea, however, is posturing, and we will posture back. Iraq is rogue. But I do not like the people Bush has in place, and I don't like the decisions being made, nor the messages communicated.

So while I do not think he is a bad person, I do not think he is a good President. I'm sure he's doing his best. But I'm disappointed in the people that he has chosen to advise him. Look what happened with Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill. He was not a smart man - and he was head of our Treasury?! He was a cheerleader, and couldn't address a single informed question ABOUT NUMBERS.

Gary actually met President Bush. Last January. The First Lady opened up a package of our research and Gary's Strategy stuff. Gary's headline on that morning's meeting notes was "Paul O'Neill and his Shameless Band of Hacks Take Their Weird Show to Tokyo." !!! She looked up at Gary, and said "Mr. O'Neill is a good friend of ours." And Gary replied, "And one of the wonderful things about this great Nation is that our Constitution guarantees us the right to freely express our opinions without fear of retribution."

Unfortunately, I believe because Bush is not that smart, he has surrounded himself with a number of advisors that aren't that smart.

Have any of you watched the Nixon Interviews recently? He may have been a crook, but he was a brilliant man. David Frost did a series of interviews with him. It was like - 20 or 30 hours long. We watched 5 - 6 hours of it recently. It was on History or Discovery or A&E Biography or something. And he made bad decisions re: Vietnam. But to listen to him talk about his Presidency and International Relations....

At least he understood what choices he made and why he made them. I don't think Bush does. And that's the difference, in my eyes. And THAT'S scary.
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LDG I couldn't have said it better myself. You are right. He is not a smart man which is a dangerous thing, and the advisors he has makes him even more dangerous. The thing that worries me is that Georgie has to realise that the decisions he makes do not only affect the US, but the whole world. The President of America is really the President of the world. It seems to me that the Bushes like a fight. I think he is using Iraq is somewhat of a distraction from the fact that he hasn't found Osama. I think that should be the priority.
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Some of us need to remember that our fearless leader Anne is very close to this conflict should it arise with Iraq. She told me the other day in IM if she goes off line suddenly it will be because of a scud missile attack! I cannot even imagine the type of terror she deals with on a daily basis, and I never know what to say to her when she talks about it (which is rare).

She has honored me and asked me to write a powerful story telling the life of a kitten who was saved after a scud attack. The purpose of the story will hopefully get people to donate to The Cat Welfare Society of Israel. They are trying to come up with ways to keep the cats they have safe from biological attacks,(building sealed rooms, and they are trying to get the resources together to help the ones that will be abandoned when people flee. They need volunteers, and teams of people, and transportation, cat carriers, food, and medicine, vets standing by to help those who will have no idea what is going to happen. And in order to have all that, they need money.

We are starting to put together a page dedicated for just this purpose, but it is still in the planning stages. If you have any extra money floating around and you want to make a donation to help this noble cause- here is the website.

Again, I know that once we go to war everyone will be affected. Sadly, more will be affected then others, and in Anne's country many cats will become homeless in a millisecond with only one organization available to help them all.

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