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I think you see the opinion on this site regarding the declaw.

I wanted to let you know that the time to spay/neuter is now.

I have two 4 month old siblings (brother and sister) whom I am showing. The little girl has already gone into heat twice!!

During her second heat the boy was showing serious signs of being interested. Biting her neck, cooing at her, etc.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the age when cats (kittens) will sucessfully mate. Mother nature controls this...........better safe than sorry, get your 2 done now.
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Oh my Nial - your's is the first I've really heard of them coming in that soon - its not just something we make up

The youngest story I've heard with breeding males was a 5 month old siamese boy allowed to run with adult females. Well one of them got pregnant and the little 5 month old was a daddy at 7 months old. The breeder had NO clue the 5 month old knew what he was doing - she never saw him show interest in any of the adult females

Charlie's mom was never shown (but produces Grand Champion offspring) cause she came into heat at an early age and would not hold the weight on for showing.
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