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Daily Thread Monday July 30th!

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Morning friends

Today is

I will be sure to give Blueington a kiss this morning...he totally deserves it

Not much going on here...Monday morning I hope this week goes by fast, we have a long weekend coming up

I hope you all have a great one!
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Well darn I don't have a car anymore It was wrecked last summer.
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Morning! (well, afternoon! )

I'll certainly be giving Davey Baby a kiss today as I do everyday!

Not much going on today, just trying to get some bits done one handed - oh the fun!

Had a lovely chat with my neighbours this morning though, so it has been a cheerful start to the day! The sun is shining, and my kitties are relaxing, so all is well!

Have a great day everyone!
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good morning

I don't have a car either, so no kissing today. I'll kiss the subway instead.

I think I ate something this weekend that I shouldn't have. My poor digestive system is not happy this morning. I should try to eat something, but I don't want to.
Feeling miserable.
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Good evening everyone.

It's a bit late for me to be kissing my wifes car today, maybe next year.

Have a wonderful kiss your car day.
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Marie PLEASE don't kiss the subway...we don't want you dying of some germ infection now
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Ummm...don't think I'll kiss my car, but I'll give it a nice pat on the hood. And, maybe...if it's REALLY good, I might even take it through a car wash after work!

BTW, I hate Mondays.
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Monday Monday..................... I'm on holidays, so a great day! Don't think I'll kiss my car though!
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Morning cat peeps!

Not too much on tap. Going to the eye doctor for yet another follow up. My vision does seem to be improving!!!! We prayed yesterday at church and I'm being very good about remembering my antibiotics. (one I have to use every 3 hours!) Besides that it's just grocery shopping and laundry! Oh and hopefully some painting! (Crafty type!)

It's cloudy but cool here! We got some good rain yesterday. We really needed it, so no complaints from me! We needed something to tamp down all the dust from it being so dry too! My car looks better too! Now I can go give it a kiss without getting dusty lips! Now DH's car, it ain't gettin a kiss or a pat! Next door to where he works the process grain and the air is always full of white dust and stuff! His car is always dirty from that. It's black so I can always see it!
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Another hot and humid day here in cottage country.

Hard to believe tomorrow is the end of July.... come on September.
Sorry I am not a summer person, to many tourist. Now don't get me wrong individual tourist are quite nice most of the time, it is when they travel in packs it gets scary.

Same old same old for me today, heading off to work shortly. May get some
laundry done later tonight usually do it Monday mornings but decided to sleep in a bit today.

Kitties were actually good, laid down with me and napped also...we must be in some parallel universe today...

Have a good one.
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Howdy, all!! Sunny and warm and getting more humid. Was a quiet morning until a few minutes ago and we've had 2 firetrucks race by!

Goldfender is in need of a good wash, so maybe I'll give her a big hug.
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I'm not kissing my car until AFTER its had a bath. Other than rain I think I've only wash the thing once since I leased it 2 years ago. Oh and its frequently "plopped" on by the squirrels and birds.

Anyhoo, I was not looking forward to today. I have a headache already. I'm cleaning our old telephones today to sell on eBay. Basically my headache is from all the cleaners I've inhaled, so I'm getting fresh air right now.

I can hardly believe this is the last 2 days of July! I received a phone call from a recruiter last week and I've been trying to get in touch with her for some positions I've applied for. If I get the job that means I can quit and I will be moving to the east coast. That will be interesting planning a wedding in Northern MI from the East Coast.
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Good Morning!

I hate mondays....

Yup, that's about all I need to say. Have a good day!
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I don't think I'll kiss the car - it's too dirty right now.

I'm officially on summer vacation, finally, and had a rather productive day. I cleaned up my desk in the study, which was an absolute must, and then decided to take down all the curtains, wash them, and clean the windows and doors.

Tomorrow's project is defrosting the fridge/freezer, and Wednesday's is tackling the bathroom cabinets.
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Well I'll have to run to the garage and kiss the truck as Neil uses the car!!
Worked briefly this am, plant shopping (just stop me!!). Ran into old horticulture instructor and his wife at the greenhouse. Grocery shopping and now watering more garden beds as its HOT!!! maybe chance of rain Thursday.
Started filiing cement leaves I made yesterday-two more to do later this afternoon.
Now sitting in front of a fan-eek thermometer says 95F outside!!
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Hello everyone!

No car kissing for me. Too much birdy left overs on it to do that I should really wash it though. Oh well maybe later.
I just got off work an hour ago and I'm tired. I didn't sleep very well last night so this morning I didn't want to get up for work.

I need to finish my laundry tonight. I just need something to help me get going. I'd drink some coffee but then I'd never get to sleep tonight. Ah the joys of darned if you do and darned if you don't. LOL!

Well better at least get a shower and changed. I stink.

Have a wonderful rest of the day. I know I will.
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The Hot-Chick-Mobile (1994 teal Toyota Corolla Wagon) is very dirty right now but I blew it a kiss!!! She knows I love her. She doesn't know I plan to replace her next year... but I will miss her.
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