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Frisco's 'Button'

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Frisco's underside is all white except for a small, round spot of colored fur which is located where his belly button would be. We refer to it as his 'button' and, as you can see he loves to show it off!

Does anyone elses cats have a 'button' or other unique markings?
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That is so cute!

Lily sorta has a "button"'s more of a large white splotch, but she too(being a tramp) like to show if off!

(I shall stop with those two, I've got like dozens )
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If you turn my Scooter over on his back, he looks like he is wearing little tightie-whities. It is so cute. He has a white bib, too.
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Aww, a button! And that belly I just wanna snuggle him!

Tucker used to have this white spot on his neck, but then it fanned out and turned him dark charcoal instead of black.

And when we got Twix she had a temporary "birthmark - a little grass stain on her forhead from playing with her brothers. I don't think there's anything else (besides her one eye with eyeliner).
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That is soooo cute!

Mooch's lips are half pink and half black and I love her little bit of white on her nose, but other than that, she's a typical tuxie. You can kind of see her lips in this pic:

This one is a little better:

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Lucky has a button...perfectly round circle on her belly. I was having a hard time finding a picture that showed it will....

this one's better i think...

Cute little buttons on everyone!! Of course Lucky's button if pushed would mean my hand getting bunny kicked to death!! LOL
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Jasper had classic tabby markings and 2 rows of spots down his belly that I called buttons. Petting time included "buttoning and unbuttoning" those spots. Got him used to getting his belly rubbed.

Ari is noted for having no distinguishing marks and Topaz has a "beauty spot" to the left of her nose.
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soo cute
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Button = Smooch Target, right?

(it would in my house anyway.)
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Awww, adorable pics everyone! Thanks for sharing!
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