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Animal Sanctuary

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I was browsing around the web last night for animal rescue sites, per usual, and what animals are up for adoption and what their stories are, I don't know why I do it, it always makes me cry.

Anywho, I came across this site and it stunned me, What a perfect sanctuary! If I were to start an animal rescue place, I would definitely take blueprints from them! They are so there for the animals! It's kinda hard to navigate though, it's all full of comical stories (ie; which animals are on campaign for Presidency.) So I'll post the site I bookmarked, because it has video's and it's impossible to find it once you start navigating the site again, and of course I'll put in the homepage.

http://www.bestfriends.org/sanctuary/wildcatsfrm.htm ~ the video clips


I hope you all enjoy, I know I'm looking to adopt Julius, you'll see him if you look at the video's. He's the very last cat you see on the third video, he has Neurological problems and walks funny. But he communicates with humans and other cats like any other cat and is totally unaware of his 'disability?'.

Thank-you all, I know you'll like it
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That is a GREAT SITE!!!! Thanks for sharing it!

I, too, get really sad and cry when I go through pages of cats that need homes. I don't know why i do that to myself, but I do. It isn't fair that there aren't enough homes for all of them and I wish I could take them, but Ashley will allow ONLY herself in the house

I do go to the Humane Society to visit the cats, though. The building they have isn't crappy...it is actually pretty nice quarters the animals have in comparison to things I have seen! But, I go because they still need the attention and love of us even though they are there and have been abandoned Although it is sad to see, it is also rewarding to know that I made them purr and be happy for a little while on a given day
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Thank you so much for the links!!! I wish I could win the lottery and donate thousands of dollars to places like this. They are doing such a good thing trying to help these animals.
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I emailed Bestfriends and they told me that Julius died earlier this year of Renal failure. He held on a lot longer than they ever thought he could.. They said they like to think it's because he really enjoyed his life there. She was surprised that he was still featured on there and "would have to look into it". I just saw him on the video so I guess I should have known... oh well, I'll make a healthy donation instead.

Thought you guys might like to know how that went.
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I've been a Best Friends fan for years. They are an amazing place.
It's understandable that she doesn't always check in to the site - I've seen some shows on the place and it sure looks like it would keep her busy.

I'd love to have a place like that someday.
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I want to thank you all for letting me know that I'm not the only one who "torments" myself by looking at pics of homeless kitties-I regularly visit petfinder.org just to look at the pictures. I also always pet the poor homeless kitties at my local pet/garden/feed store, which allows various rescue organizations to place kitties there for adoption. Although both of these activities invariably upset me, I just can't help myself. . .
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