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Stop jumping in the kitchen sink!!!

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My 4 month old Russian blue baby, Shinya, has taken to jumping into the kitchen sink WHENEVER I let her into the living room - the kitchen is a seperate room off the living room but, has no door so she can just walk straight in. It doesn't matter if I'm using the sink with the faucet running or if I'm not even in there at all.. I guessed that she's just thristy but she's always got fresh water, and the water that's sitting in the sink (like, in a bowl waiting to be washed up or something?) can hardly be considered fresh!!!!

She never used to do this, but then again she also never used to bother drinking much or any water at all - I'd trick her to drink more by just leaving water from the food soaking in the bowl. But now she really wants that bowl of water after her meals...

This is really annoying because it means I can't have her in the front room ESPECIALLY not when I'm in another room. It's not that I mind her being in the sink or anything, it's just that it's definitely not good for her to be drinking water from in there!

Is there an answer? Or am I just going to have to get used to keeping my kitchen sink SPOTLESS from now on?
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I have a cat who will only drink in the kitchen sink. When I run the water, he jumps up on the counter and demands only fresh water. Never water that's been standing in a bowl. lol.
I have to keep my sink clear, and I have a clean quart joghurt container always on the counter to fill. He drinks from that - and only that.
Another will only drink from a glass of water on my bedroom night table.

You might try putting sticky double-sided tape on the counter and edge of the sink for a while. (makes for fun trying to wash the dishes.)

I've just resigned myself that my cats all need to eat in separate places at separate times, and drink all over the house. I put down four water bowls in different places. Maybe yours would find another place on the floor he might like instead of the sink.

Good luck. They are impossible...and so lovable.
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Blossom likes to see what I'm doing at all times. So if I'm filling the sink to wash up, peeling vegetables etc, she jumps up onto the sink. She likes to paw at the water coming from the tap or paw at the bubbles forming from filling the sink. I tried the double sided sticky tape, foil nothing worked. I continually put her back on the floor & she'll jump up again. Sometimes I lock her in another room or put her in her crate until I've washed up.
She also likes to investigate the bathroom sink when the waters running & the shower as well.
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I have two 5 month old kittens who do the same. They will lick out of any sink, bathroom and kitchen, any time I run water. They will also jump in the tub after I take a shower to lick that. What I do, since I can't prevent them all the time from doing that, is make sure I run fresh water in the sinks and shower after I'm done using them. If I have dirty dishes in the sink and don't want to wash them right away, I'll rinse them at least.
I think this is normal activity for cats.
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Well, I don't let my cats into the bathroom area because there's too many dangerous things in there... but I'm already good about keeping the toilet seat DOWN (the toilet is a seperate room) so I don't mind them getting in there. But Shinya lick ME after I've had a shower.. it's the cutest thing.. xD

I think you're all right.. I'm just going to have to get better about keeping things clean, and keeping any unsafe products in a cupboard near the sink or something so that she can just jump up there when she wants to. (My 11 week old Yuna can't jump that high yet!!)

Though I've noticed, I THINK she's going up there because she's hungry. I have to soak my Yuna's food still because she's young, and that means the sink usually smells like cat food or sometimes even has the odd piece sitting in there from the last feeding. So it could be that I'm under feeding her - she's really good about stopping eating when she's not hungry so I'm not too worried about her getting fat. Obviously you're supposed to increase their food gradually.. maybe I just haven't done it enough!!!

I still think she's going to jump up there though, now she knows she can!
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