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Patience's Litter Pool!

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We do this sort of thing over in the chinchilla breeders forum, I thought it might be fun to start a pool for my mom-to-be, Patience. The game is to guess how many kittens there will be, what colors and what sex they'll be, and when they'll be born! No prizes for the closest guesser, of course, except bragging rights. =)

Taken on Monday of last week, the 23rd:

Taken tonight, Sunday the 29th:

She definitely felt a little more "lumpy" tonight than before. I'm never right at these things but I am guessing there will be 5, three boys and two girls: an orange with white tabby boy, a predominantly white with black spots boy, a grey with white tabby girl, a calico girl and if Patience listens to me at all, a tuxedo boy. I'm hoping she holds out till Friday since I have a three-day weekend coming up, but I think she's going to go Tuesday night!

Anyone else?
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I'm thinking .4.. 3 girls and 1 boy.I think one will be black with orange with white (forgot what they are called i think calico)female, One orange tabby male.One black w/ orange female. and one tuxedo female
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What FUN!

I'll Say 4 Kittens

1 Orange
2 Calico (like Momma)
1 Tuxedo (B&W)

3 Boys, 1 Girl
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4 kittens...

2 girls, 2 boys

2 calico
1 orange
1 black
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Patience is having her kittens now!

She woke me up about twenty minutes ago by laying on my head. I was afraid she might try to have the kittens on the bed, but not ON ME! Anyway, I noticed right away she was having contractions and then I saw a bulge of a sac coming out, so I quickly put her in the kittening cage and out slid a bi-color! Either black and white or grey and white (still wet).

More to come!
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4 so far! and I don't think she's done yet, but I have to go to work ><
I was wrong about the first one, it's a tri-color. So far, three tri-colors and an orange tabby!

More this evening!
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So I came home tonight to... 6 kittens! She blew us all away!

#1 @ 8:50AM tri-color 95g F
#2 @ 9:10AM tri-color 100g F
#3 @ 9:25AM bi-color 100g F?
#4 @ 9:53AM orange tabby 105g F?
#5? @ after 10 bi-color 120g (at 7:45PM) F?
#6? @ after 10 bi-color 110g (at 7:45PM) F?

So either these kittens are all girls or both males and females have nipple spots? I only looked at their bellies for the 8 dots, I didn't really take a good look to compare genitals. Patience would come and retrieve them as soon as I took them out. =) I will get a better look tomorrow. Also, I found out today that my big new 50lb capacity scale only weighs in 5 gram increments, which makes it sort of useless for tracking growth. =/ I'll have to pull out the old 3lb capacity scale, at least it gets it down to the gram!

The two tri-colors, I'm not sure where the line is drawn between calico and tortie? Both have solid areas of orange, black and white, but the majority of their backs are muddled, one more so than the other. As for the three bi-colors, one is black cap, saddle and tail! One is very near tuxedo, a little too much white on the belly and back legs, but still majority dark. And the third has the white going in weird directions, the stripe between the eyes for example goes diagonally instead of up and down. These latter two might be dark grey instead of black, I'll have to get them under the show lights to tell, but I'm pretty sure I can see striping on both of them. And the tabby is the odd-ball out! He's orange (cream) with white. =)

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The calicos will be females, I am pretty sure about that!

When they get older, they're easier to sex. And having can compare a calicos bum to an un-sexed kitties bum!
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They are cute momma will be very busy
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Awww, they are adorable!!! Congratulations!
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i belive the tri colours are torties and white, but i could be wrong. will need more pictures lol. they will more then likly be females the orange and white will probley be a male, so now all you have to do is sex the black and whites lol.
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#1 120g Female (mostly tortie)
#2 116g Female (calitort, solid orange right leg and left eye)
#3 111g Female (diagonally marked bi-color)
#4 123g Male (orange cream tabby with white)
#5 131g Male (cap'n saddle bi-color)
#6 120g Female (tuxedo)

Thanks everyone! =D
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