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Nakita the Gargoyle

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I was laughing so hard last night when I was on the computer. This is the reason:

(images removed)

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When I come back I want to be a cat...what a great life. The pics are great!
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Kassandra you have to send those in to Anne for the Caption This! Too Cute!
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I know! I'm collecting a couple so I'll save them for one email!

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Kassandra, you must send the first pic to Anne for "Caption This!" TOO CUTE!!!!!

And I TOTALLY agree about wanting to come back as a cat.

Gary is CONVINCED that our Shelly is the reincarnation of the 11th Panschen Lama (according to Gary, the Lama that brought comedy to Buddhism).

The only thing I would change about what you said Peugeot, is that I would want to come back as a spoiled pet cat. Some cats lead devastatingly horrible lives.

Boy - I'm in a good mood, hunh?

Sorry Kassandra!!!!

Now...back to our regularly programmed show - CUTE NAKITA LOOKING LIKE YODA!!!!!

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What a cozy cat?! For some reason my cats haven't discovered the monitor yet, I don't think they will either, they're too fat! haha.

Here's a christmas card I made up, hope you like. Merry Christmas!
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LMAO!! Can we say "HEAT!" Feel the top of your monitor after it has been on for awhile.....! That is EXACTLY what is going on there! The cat isn't dumb!
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Nakita is a really beautiful cat Kassandra! I love the pictures, they are soooo darn cute!!!!!!! Definitely Caption this material!
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The heat is why Rowdy sleeps on top of our TV. My monitor slopes to much, for comfortable napping.
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OMG!!! Kassandra! Those pictures are adorable!!!! I can see why you were laughing!!!! How cute!!!

Tamme, your "reindeer" cats are adorable too! Although they don't look very thrilled! :laughing:
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Cute pics! I enjoy seeing pics of Nakita!
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LoL - Nakita is a beautiful kitty and it looks like she has tons of purrsonality!
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LOL-That is so cute!!!!!!!!
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OMG I can't imagine how you got anything done with her looking like that! I couldn't stop laughing just looking at the pics.
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Nakita is so cute! What a funny picture, Molly used to do the same thing when she was little. She wouldn't fit now, LOL.
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I love these piccies, and wanted to show mum and brother, but the pictures are gone. Where are they ???

Peace, Love, and Happpiness, Always
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Hmmmmmmmmm I can't see them either!!!! I think that old Kassy took them away just so that we can't see Nakita's cuteness anymore!!!! NO FAIR!!!!!!!!1 We want em back!!!!!
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Nice try Bundy!!! No the evil Kass didn't do that. The evil Imagestation where I keep the photos did that!

I've corrected the links!

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