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Need to stop the love bites

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So, our little kitty loves to lick our hands and nibble them like she is grooming them. This was all cute and tolerable until recently. Her bites have gotten a lot stronger to the point of being very, very painful pinches sometimes. I really want to get her to stop doing this...any suggestions?
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Stop giving her attention when she bites and when you do give her attention don't let your hand near her face.
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My kitty Amadeus does that a lot too. He is a big kitty (25 lbs) so his bites are pretty intense! Whenever he starts to bite, I just ignore him like nothing is happening. I agree, stop giving attention, just don't punish.
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I would set the kitty down as soon as this happens, walk away immediately (because they will not associate their behavior with your response unless you do it on the spot).

And next time bring a toy and pull it out when she begins to lick (not bite). You don't want her to figure out she will get a toy if she bites you LOL, but you might be ok with giving her a toy when she grooms you .
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Well, I am trying...biting seems to be becoming less frequent. We'll see how it goes. The tough part is I am on my laptop and she is sitting on my lap, and she just sits there and does it while I am using the computer. I might have to actually put her on the floor...
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My kitten does this too. Though, I think they're more "play-bites." He does it when he wants attention (usually when i'm sleeping and i have my hand out of the covers, he'll bite my fingers). Usually I direct his bites onto a toy when we're playing, but I don't know what to do when we're sleeping. I don't want him to think I'm playing with him if i push him away. But I don't think punishing him would work. My mom told me to flick his nose when he bites...i dunno..it's hard to say. Good luck though.
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I'm still having the same issues with my Libby. She doesn't even attempt to lick, she goes straight for biting. She bit the hubby today, and just bit me. I tried the freeze, but she switched up and bit harder leaving marks. So she's in another time out.
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