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Where to buy Cat carriers.

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Well we have three cats and one cat carrier...... Dumb I know. Where can I go to buy two more for cheap? I live in the highland village area in St. paul MN.
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I know they're not the greatest, but if your really strapped for cash, places like petco, petsmart and walmart have the cardboard ones... I originally had one for Ollie just til I could get some cash together for a soft sided one I got from Petsmart... if you do go with cardboard, I suggest not holding it by the handle but carrying it from underneath for extra support... I think Ollie's soft sided carrier was like $35... (sorry, I don't know anything about St. Paul, so I don't know what types of stores are near you I think there are other people from around there on here though)
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I got mine at Wal-mart. It was around $25. Some Animal Hospitals sell them too.
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I got a soft-sided carrier from Wal-mart for about $15 recently.
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Petsmart clearence... $5 for Gigis new "purse" org price was 35 ... Garage sales ( bargins galore just need to make sure to sanitize)... Everyday value Walmart
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Feed stores usually have low cost brand new carriers. Also gargage sells.
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Goodwill and other thrift stores tend to sell them for around $10. Sometimes grocery stores have them on sale, and that can be a good deal.
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You can get decent ones at WalMart - I've picked up one there. Or go to Petsmart or Petco.
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If you are good with your hads you can get a storage bin and put a bunch of small holes in it and a towel at the bottom and they are like $5 at target. One way i got around it and saved money. Plus they are alittle bigger inside than a carrier.
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