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diarreah and worms!

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About 4 or 5 days ago I noticed that one of my male cats has diarreah. It's not a pleasant sight to see in the litter box. I figured maybe he had worms because one of my other cats have worms. I ordered something off the internet, it was a multi worm pill. I followed the directions and dewormed all my cats two days ago. I thought maybe it would clear up the diarreah, but hasn't. I'm starting to worry because I am able to *hear* him when he has a bowel movement. Should it clear up since I gave him worm medicine? Or is there anything I can do to help with the dirraeah?
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Deworming meds you can get without a prescription are mostly ineffective. If it's worms causing the diahrrea, he's still got the worms. But there are lots of causes for diahrrea. Rather than operating in the dark and dosing your cats with this and with that for causes you're guessing at, it would be a lot better for them to get a proper vet's diagnosis. And then you wouldn't have to worry about it anymore, either.
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well, I know that he has worms. I see them in his stool and also coming out of his rear end. I was just thinking maybe he still has diarreah because they are all coming out of his system...?
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Dewormer can cause diarrhea, but so can coccidia, giardia, etc. My suggestion is to take a stool sample to the vet. Also, what exactly was the dewormer you used called?
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Super Saver Generic Wormer tablets are a broad spectrum wormer for dogs and cats. They control roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms in dogs and cats.
They came the whole way from Austraila.
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OTC dewormers often do not work, and can end up being fatal, just FYI. The doses can be too "open ended" & cats can be overdosed & underdosed well as the ingredients not being the best.

I purr-sonally find it more cost effective to buy dewormer from the vet, deworm 3x & be done.

I still reccomend taking a stool sample to your vet. Diarrhea can cause dehydration, which leads to not eating, which leads to death. And cats can dehydrate quickly when they have severe diarrhea.
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i guess i'll have to gear up and collect a sample...that won't be pleasant. But much better than something happening to my cat. He has been drinking and eating normally so i wasn't really worried about him getting too dehydrated, but i don't want him to get any worse.
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OTC wormers CAN and DO work, you just have to know which active ingredients to look for I bet that one called Generic Dewormer is not the right one.

If you see little rice segments around the rear end, that is tape worm. You don't need a vet diagnosis and fecal for that. Look for a dewormer specifically for tapeworm with the active ingredient Praziquantal. It is really hard to find OTC tapeworm dewormers period. Look for Tradewinds brand.

If your cat is throwing up or pooping out spagetti looking things, that is round/hook worms. You need a dewormer with the active ingredient pyrantal pamoate. You can easily find these in most pet stores and the dosage should be right on the back. Just make sure that is the active ingredient.

Both dewormers may have all sorts of different brand names, but it should say Pyrantal Pamoate or Praziquantal under active ingredient. Check the bottle/package of the one you gave, does it say either of these, or does it say Piprazine or something else? That is the generic OTC active ingredient, it is ineffective and can actually cause problems in the intestinal area as well as bad diarrhea.
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I just went through a similar ordeal with my cat a few weeks ago... he was vomiting, thought it was just a result of the tapeworm I saw, took him to the vet, he had giardia... and the day or so of vomiting with the illness did cause his liver reading to be higher than normal too... that was a little scary to hear liver problems, but with 10 days of medicine and prescription diet, he was all better... so take him to the vet
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Yes I forgot to mention... if the problem persists after deworming, then I will absolutely suggest you take the kitten to the vet!
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To the OP where are you in the world??? that would likely help as many of us are in the US or EU ... but there are alot of Aussies
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