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Well, hopefully, if there is no demand, they won't be bred.
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Originally Posted by Lore View Post

& I agree 100% about the HORRIBLE care on the Reptiles. As a Corn Snake breeder myself and Reptile enthusist, I get SO sad while passing the reptile section, attempts to make a difference have failed. Because what their "sheets" say are GOSPEL & they will not hear any thing else.
Exactly, their reptile care really gets to me, I have changed some of the care on certain species at a few of the stores by speaking to managers and bringing lots of caresheets (for instance getting some off particle substrate and fixing temps) so it can be done in some of the stores if you try. But more often than not nothing is done, regardless.

They really need to update their care sheets nation wide to have healthier animals and less sick and die-off's. The animals are bought from reptile mills too so they need every chance they can get, being put in horrible conditions at such a young age just makes it worse and harder on the new owners.

Most of the teens working there have little to no experience to be giving others care advice. I can't hardly stand to even look anymore

I wish they would quit selling herps all together!! Along with rabbits and the other animals they sell.

I rarely go in there and when I do I mainly am socializing a puppy or something. There is not much to buy except toys. The foods I feed aren't found there, neither is the shampoo, supplements, beds, bowls, or most other things.

I use the internet for ordering most stuff or pick them up at shows.
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I signed the petition. I think they should offer store space and S/N funding for rabbit rescues instead of paying pet mills and BYB. That would make good business sense because it would be a tax write off and it would make a good impression on their customers.

I hope to see the day when the only animals they offer are rescues.
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