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Please help the Siamese in Texas

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THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in donations! We are so close to our goal! If you can send in any amount at all - please do! Help us save Meezer Ranch!

Meezer Ranch is the headquarters of Texas Siamese Rescue, and Tonja and John Pfister take a LOT of cats from across the state. If you look at the Siamese Rescue website, you'll see 5 pages of cats located in Austin alone, and probably 5 more pages (just a wild guess) of cats from Austin who are now in Dallas. They had been negotiating with their landlord to purchase their property, and John was/is going to donate it to the Rescue, but the landlord suddenly decided they needed to come up with an additional $20,000 by December 30 or everyone is evicted. The Center is funded entirely on donations, so you can imagine how hard it is to come up with $20,000, especially around Christmas, and during these difficult economic times!

The note below from Tonja doesn't mention their paypal account (at www.paypal.com ), which is tpfister@dmans.com . This enables online donations, which would now be the quickest way to get them money.

Tonja's note is below.


CAN YOU GIVE US $5 to $50 for the kitties and our future Kitties?

We got an extension to 12/30/02 to close so there is still TIME folks!

Over 2,190 Adoptions in our almost 4 years - if everyone just sent $10!

SO WE NEED HELP FOLKS! We do NOT want to move these kitties! We love
Meezer Ranch because it is affordable and a good place for our kitties!

IF WE GET THIS DONE, our kitties have a safe haven! Monthly expenses go down by enough monthly to pay a lot of OLD Vet & Foster bills AND
improve our situation!

Otherwise we are shopping for somewhere to move 76 kitties! That would be so sad and cost so much and be so traumatic to the kitties!

Do not think that $5 is too little! $5 donations add up!
Do not think we don't want large donations, we DO! Then we can lose
a lot of stress and focus on the season and adoptions and all that we
should be doing this time of year! You get a receipt for taxes of course!

MAKE Donations payable to Siamese Rescue Alliance AND mark them
TEXAS CENTER for us! THANKS - if everyone (more than 2,000)
we adopted to in the last 3 years gave $10 - we would make it!
P.O. Box 3088, Coppell, TX 75019 or fax credit cards to 940 498 1771.

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If you can help, please send a donation via Paypal to tpfister@dmans.com

Thank you!
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They have to deposit the escrow money tomorrow (12-31) so THERE IS STILL TIME TO HELP!

Once the ranch transaction is complete, the monthly bills will go WAY DOWN and the Texas Center will be able to concentrate on paying old vet bills and reimbursing foster folks for vet bills!


Their paypal account is tpfister@dmans.com.
You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation!
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Yeah! We raised enough funds to cover the escrow! We still need to raise $2771 to cover the taxes, but we have until Jan 31 for that!

We've been so busy adopting kitties! Seems like I heard one of our kitties is even going home to Alberta!

Thank you for all your help! It means so much to the kitties knowing all you kind people are out there!

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