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Another prego momma again

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I dont know if you remember me but i am Kalis mommy........well she is fixed so no more babies from her.....but the funny thing is my friend said she found a cat that is pregnant and looks like Kali funny so any ways i took her in and im not sure when she will have them but i will post pics as soon as i get my cam workin again
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i hope everything goes well and cant wait to see pictures.
i think your one was pregnant the same time as anne who we took in.
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Yeah i cant wait til she has them becuz she is goin to be fixed and we are keeping her....she is very skinny....and when my friend brought her to me she ate a bowl of hard food and drank a bowl of water...i feel so sorry for her....i am mad at the person that threw her out and just let her get like that.....but now she is in a good home and will have food and water all the time....will keep u up dated
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I can feel the babies movin around real good and they are poppin out of the side of her tummy.....they feel like lil golf balls rollin around in there.....i dont remember how soon after i felt kali's babies movin she had them....i hope it is soon she looks tired.....oh and i named her sadie i couldnt think of another name....if any one can help me with about how soon after you feel them movin really good she will have them that might help me out a
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I've added your kitty to our "kitten watch" thread here:
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Ok Thanks......i Think She Is About In Her 9th Week The Babies Are Really Moving And You Can See Them On The Outside Of Her Belly Rolling Around And She Is Gettin Really I Hope It Is Soon...but Not When I Am At Work....i Have To Work All Week From 5 To 10 So I Hope She Has Them Before 5 Or After 10....but If She Dont My Husband Will Call Me And I Will Leave Work To Come And Be With Her
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Just giving a lil update....i was checkin on sadie and i was giving her food and water and i noticed some discharge on the towel that is in her house that she has so i dont know if that means anything....but hopefully soon
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If anyone that happens to come by my thread could try and answer this is i would appreciate it......i was petting sadie tonight and she grabbed me with her clws and bite me hard what would make her do that?
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some cats attitudes can change in pregnancy, she might be getting very close and maybe she is having slight contractions, or shes warning you that she dosnt want to much fuss over her.
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I wouldn't hold it against her - sounds like she has been through a lot. Probably like stated above, she is grumpy from pregnancy or having mild contractions. Hope to see pictures of the babies soon!

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I think sadie is haveing mild contractions.....she was diggin in my dresser and when she got on my bed i was rubbing her belly and i feel like ripples is those contractions? and she has some brown discharge
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Anya did the same thing to me in the past few days. She wouldn't let me even touch her. EARLY this morning she came up to me and was "squeaking" at me. She hasn't really made one peep in the 3 weeks I've had her, so I think she's really close. I'd say today or tomorrow. I thought it would happen yesterday!
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Yeha i can feel like ripples in her belly every once in awhile when she lays on her side thats why i was wonderin if they r mild contractions?
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Any news today?
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Nope no news she dont want to have them i
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They really like to keep us waiting don't they?
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Yeah she woke me up at 4:30 this morning meowing really loud and was digging at the house we have for her so i let her out and she went under my bed and slept there for the rest of the night and now she is layin on my feet so i dont know how much longer it will be......she has the discharge and then last night it turned clear
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Well just an update on sadie.....she is very uncomfortable she cant lay on one side for to long and she has to turn over to the other side so is that a sign?
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not always, just means she is a bit uncomfy. maybe withen the next week?
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Well she did a good job on foolin me lastnight i was up til 5 this morning she was haveing i thought was contractions and meowing and nothing happened so i called my vet and he said bring her in so i did and he said tonight or tomorrow so i hope it is tonight.....she scared me lastnight......will keep u posted on anything new
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i hope everything goes smoothly. good luck.
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Can a cat go into labor and then stop it? I was wondering becuz sadie was panting lastnight and meowing and digging in a box but then it stopped and started again today about 6ish and stopped again she doesnt seem to be in any stress...she is drinkin water.....if anyone can help please do
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as long as her contractions dont start then stop then things seem ok. keep a close eye on her, if your atall worried then give your vet a ring.
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Sadie had her babies lastnight....she started at 12:30 am and ended at 6 am...they are grey tiger and one light brown....4 females and 3 males....will post pics later....
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