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Aggression/Inappropriate Urination - Prozac?

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For the last month, I have been dealing with one of my three cats peeing outside of the litterbox. Usually, it is right beside the litterbox, but also in the bath tub, on the comforter in the spare bed room and on the computer chair. I have 4 Feliway plug-ins, two in the main part of the house, two in the basement where 2 of the litterboxes are. I keep the litterboxes very clean, scooping twice a day and changing them completely once a week. Since I have two CRF kitties, I figured it was one of them because dilute urine often is a great place for a UTI to spring up. I've been giving fluids, and then locking one cat at a time in the basement with the litterbox that is often peed next to, to see if anyone would pee by it. Nothing. Last night I put Lola (non-CRF) in the basement. Sure enough...two pees by the litterbox. I plan to take her tomorrow to the vet to check for a UTI.

Now here's more information. Ever since adopting Lola three years ago, she has been aggressive to my other two cats. Cleo is alpha cat and Lola wants to be alpha cat. With Cleo, it's a non-issue, she is what she is. When Lola can't intimidate Cleo, she instantly turns on Maggie and beats the crap out of her. Maggie is terribly neurotic to begin with, and this aggression has made her even more so (this is partly why I suspected Maggie was the pee culprit...peeing out of frustration.)

I've done everything recommended with the litterbox. Changed litter to unscented. Changed litter texture, changed litterbox location, added Cat Attract Additive to litter. I've also cleaned everything with Nature's Miracle and thrown out the computer chair. Lola is still peeing beside the box. If it turns out that she doesn't have a UTI, should I request Prozac for her? I know it is sometimes used for inappropriate urination issues, but would it help her aggression issues too? I really don't want to try to re-home her (I really do love her), and I'm not sure anyone would want her with her litterbox issues anyway. She's really an affectionate cat, she sleeps snuggled with me all the time and she's always on my lap making biscuits and purring. I'd really love to get the tension out of the house, and make it a less stressful place for neurotic little Maggie and I'd sure love to get rid of the urine smell!!! Does anyone have any other suggestions? Do you think I should consider Prozac for her?

Oh, can they tell right away if there's a UTI, or do they have to do a culture and sensitivity and wait for the results? Do they just express the bladder or do they do cystocentesis? I know I'll find this all out tomorrow, but I'm just curious!

Thanks so much!

Pookie & the girls
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The cysto and urinalysis will tell you right away if there's a physical problem. I just started Rocket on Prozac for spraying, so in a couple months I might have something to report on how that works (if it does.) Good luck at the vet. I don't know whether to wish you a health problem or a behavioral problem. When Twinkie had crystals, the vet said I was lucky it wasn't behavioral. But then I had the problem with Rocket. Frankly, neither is much fun.

A good vet will have you rule out all other causes and courses of action before prescribing psychotropic drugs. So if this is a behavioral problem, don't think that drugs are an easy solution.

But good luck, anyway. I hope your problem is easily remedied.
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Thanks for your insight! I'm hoping that it is a health related issue, rather than a behavioral one. Since it's just recently started (it's taken me a month to figure out who was the one doing the inappropriate peeing), I'm sincerely hoping for a UTI. I honestly think I've covered the bases where litterbox issues are concerned (I hope....) If it's the aggression problem manifesting itself in inappropriate urination issues... I'm sure my vet will work with me to find a way to treat it. She's been wonderful with all of the work that goes into treating the CRF.

Actually, I'm too realistic to think that drugs are the easy way out. I was just thinking that I might be able to 'kill two birds with one stone' so to speak.....by addressing the inappropriate urination and the aggression at the same time through medication.

I'll let you know how the vet visit turns out.

Thanks again!

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beandip has experience with Prozac, drop her a PM!
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I have two males on amitriptilyne for a month now. They were spraying all over (strays outside). The spraying has diminished into almost none, thank heaven. I think Prozac works as well.

I hate medicating them, but it's either that or give them up.

Good luck with the meds. They really do work wonders.
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Well....Lola has a raging UTI. She had 4+ cocci in her urine. She's on Zeniquin for 14 days. She's scheduled for a re-check on August 15th. I sure hope this clears up fast. I also hope that the inappropriate peeing hasn't become a habit and she'll go back to normal litterbox use once she's feeling better.
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