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Need a bit o' help.

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Well, here I am making a topic...

I'd just saved this kitten. Teenagers were throwing her around like a baseball last night down town. Human Society came by and gave us a special soap to get rid of the flees...

Although, I'm just generally worried.

I've never taken care of a Kitten before. Both my cats came at the right age to be taken from their mother. However, this one wasn't... I just need general advice. I've been feeding her a mix of special milk from the pet store with some wet food and mixing it together... Apparently I was told she is old enough to start eating like this.


That's a picture of her.

I have two other cats and I'm worried. She seems to get mad at them really easily, and so do the other two cats. Is this something I should watch out for? I don't want to wake up in the morning and find her on the ground bleeding or something.

I also need a name... I'm still thinking on that.

Is there a special food I should try and give her other than the milk? Also, how do you stop your kitten from eating the kitty litter? I'm trying to train her but... It's kinda hard. Whoever had her last wasn't taking care of her. Because she is also skinny.

I guess I'm just worried but... Ah well.
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first of thank you for rescueing this little one.
what i would advise is putting her in a quiet room on her own, with food,water and a litter tray and no access to other animals. make sure you dont use a clumping litter as when she trys to eat it ,it may cause a blockage in her stomach. if she does seem to try and eat a lot, you can use newspaper for the time being but i wouldnt use it to long as i made this mistake and if a piece of paper was left on the floor he thought it was ok to pee on it lol. but once she starts useing the litter tray a bit more the eating of the litter should settle down.
after each feed and when she wakes up take her to the litter tray and do a scratching motion with her front paws in the litter/newspaper she will get the hang of it soon.
make sure you feed a good quilty kitten food wet and dry mixing milk replacerment with the food is fine, you can gradually reduce the amount you put in with the food over a few days untill she is just eating the food and drinking the water giving the milk as a treat is fine after this.

once she has settled then you can start to slowly introduce her to the rest of the house and other cats supervised vist only and only for about 1/2-1 hour at a time through out the day.
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