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My mother cat has a cold

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I am worried over my moma cat

I am an extremely poor cat owner (that i rescued)and my cat is sneezing and has one slightly wet eye. She sneezed so good this morning that i had to wipe the mucus out of her whiskers and off me, lol. The joys of motherhood..........i worry over her as much a my own girls.

Her nose is cool so i am guessing that she isn't running a fever and she had some warmed up leftover beef stew, so her appetite doesn't seem to be affected.

I put some vic's vapor rub cream on my own hand and held that to her face and though she thought it was disgusting she allowed me to do it and alot of the sneezing stopped. And I read that someone on here put her cat in the bathroom with her while she took a shower and thought the steam made her cat feel better.

I can't take my cat to the vet. Heck i had white stuff on the back of my throat and had to heal myself...........took me 3 weeks......would have been great to have some penicillin but i couldn't afford it, so any home remedies for my poor sneezing kitty would be a godsend as i love her with all my heart.

In advance, Thank You and bless You for Your help. melody
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You are right a humidifier or a shower will help clear up the blockage, however this will do nothing for the infection which really needs an antibiotic. clavamox is about 12 dollars give or take a few dollars. and would clear up the infection.
I realize that everyone is on a tight budget now that christmas has come but health is not something you can let go either for your self or the cat. Upper resperitory infections can and will spread to other cats and continue to get worse with out medicene. Maybe you could find an orignization that helps in these situations. Also there are lots of programs you can be on for your self for medical aid.
E-mail me if you would like further info.
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Your kitty needs an antibiotic in order to get better. It was kind of you to rescue her, but putting vicks so close to her face will irritate her and not do a lot more than that. You should call a local shelter or a vet and explain the situation. URI are nothing to take lightly, and even with medication they can take quite awhile to get better. She needs clavamox or amoxy drops to help her.
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Thank you for the advice. I will start calling around town today and see what help i can find. Surely someone will help my mother cat and possibly her 5 month kittens, of which i think one may also beginning to get a cold. See my hubby gets 25 hours average a week income, and we are a family of 4. And btw, all the cats are spayed/nuetered......thanks to a low cost spray/nueter clinic.

And it isn't so much the $12 medicine that i am worried about but what a vet office charge is......especially that Lucky (mom) and her 3 5-month old kittens probably all need to be looked at for the cold.

I will let y'all know the outcome as soon as i can.

Again, ty for your advice..........
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If you take the mother in and tell them you have kittens at home my vet doesnt ask to see them all, he knows how contagious it is and sends home enough meds for all cats I have that are in the same area.
Hope everything works out.
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Ashley had the same thing last year at this time! When she had upper resp. the first time when I adopted her from the shelter, it wasn't extreme, but this last year was BADDDD! I totally freaked out. Her one eye was horrible with it and the vet gave me something to put in her eye, too. What a trip trying to get all these meds in her, but I was determined. It is VERY important to treat your cat for this! Please use every means possible!

Here is Ashley when she had this....look at her eye! All droopy...it was bad.
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I know exactly how you feel! I adopted a kitten from the local shelter and he had an URI. I treated him with different med's for over 4 weeks! My vet said it takes them a long time to get over it especially when they come from a multiple cat environment like a shelter. My little guy is a lot better now, but he does sneeze still every so often.

Someone told me that I should try grapefruit seed extract in liquid form and put a few drops in the water bowl to help with the URI. Anyone ever hear of this?


Good Luck
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