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Worried, my cat fell off a dresser! Now shes not eating or drinking?????

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Hi everyone,

Last night my cat was on my tall dresser, and she fell off. I don't know how she fell off, but I herd the thump and went around to see what it was, and she got up and layed in the corner. She didn't land on her feet by the sound of the thump, she must have landed on her side, or somthing. After she fell she layed awhile, and kept licking her mouth, I thought that maybe she bit her tounge, when she fell. I'm worried though because shes not eating or drinking anything since she fell. She goes to the food, and smells it and wants to eat, but dosn't. I've tried wet food and she wants it but she just smells it and licks her lips, and then leaves. I thought that I would try a little milk to see if she could drink that, but same thing. Shes playing, and had her little soft mouse in her mouth, and a fuzzy pull string in her mouth a little.

So do you think she just bit her tounge or the inside of her mouth, and that its to sore and thats why shes not eating? She opens her mouth when she meows but she is a pretty quiet cat so dosn't meow often. She was just running around playing a little bit ago, and is now slepping. Should I be worried, or will it just take time before she feels ok to eat. I'm really scared since shes not eating.
Any advive or help would be great!!!!!

Thanks Gina and Lily
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I would get her to a vet pronto. She may have internal injuries since she didn't land on her feet. Also is a possibility of head/brain damage. Tell the vet exactly what happened and what she's doing/not doing.
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Sounds like a vet trip to me. She could have hit her mouth and dislocated the jaw or something. If she is not eatting or drink she needs a vet.
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Yep, I'd at least call a vet, if your vet isn't open right now, but the preference is to take her to a vet immediately, as others have said. If there's nothing open near you currently, then do an internet search for 24 hour emergency vets in neighboring towns, and call them for advice, and explain that you are in another town, and none of your vets are open.

It's possible that she just injured her mouth (and we'll all hope that it's not serious), but I'm definitely in agreement with the previous posters that it's way too hard to know and too much possibility for a larger more serious danger to take the risk.

Please keep us updated on how she's doing, and best of luck.
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She was just out from where she sleeps, and wanted petted and rubbed on and then she went to her wet food and she ate just a litle, it wasn't alot but she did eat a few bites of what was left in there from my other cat eating. I hope this means shes feeling better. All the vets in my local towns are closed, the closest big town/city is over 2 hours away. She seems alert, and comes when I call her name, and dosn't seem sore and wants petted and rubs against everything. The only thing thats different is not eating or drinking, but wanting to.
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I'd call to another (larger?) town that has an open vet and see if they'll give you advice. Explain the situation and tell them your vet is closed, and you don't know what to do.
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I would call the vet first thing in the morning. Not eating could be a sign her mouth is hurt.
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Have you called your Vet's office?
I know it's Sunday and they're closed, but I know if I call my Vet's office after hours there's an answering machine that one of the Vet Techs checks every half hour.
If it's an emergency one of the Vets is then called and will come into the office.
The longest I've had to wait for a call back was 15 min.
My Vet even went into the office on Christmas night two years ago when Gracie got sick.

I don't know how things are at your Vet's office, but it might be worth a shot just to give the office a call.
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take her to EM vet
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My personal feeling on this is, if you can get to one of the vets located far away or there is *anything* around you with an ER vet, I'd take her as soon as you possibly can. I would personally drive one of mine two hours away if I were able, or see if I could get someone to take me to it if I didn't have a car. I think your situation may warrant it, but I surely hope that it's nothing serious. The potential is, though, that if she's got some sort of damage other than something minor to her mouth, that the longer you wait the worse off she's going to be, and depending on what it is, it might be fatal to her.

If you're able to talk to a vet, even in a different town, they can tell you what signs to look for, and you might get a better sense of whether she needs immediate help or if she can wait until morning.

I'm sending as many healthy, good luck and feel better vibes as I can. My thoughts are with you both. Please keep us updated, we'll all be worrying right along with you.
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Hi thanks everyone for your help and support!!!
I called and got an emergency # and left a messege but didnt get a responce
So I work with a guy that is getting married to a vet tech that works for the local vet in town. I got a hold of her and she said that since she had urinated a few times, and was moving around alright, that she probably was just bruised badly and possibly injured her tongue. She said she would try and get a hold of the vet to have her call as soon as she could. The vet finaly called bout 45 mins ago, and she said that she most likley didnt fall from a high enough hieght to incur any internal bleeding, and that she was going to be bruised and sore, and possibly bit her tongue good and thats the reason for not eating or drinking, and since she was playing at times, and breathing all right. She didnt feel that the lack of food or water intake at this time was much of a concern, and to get back to her in the morning with any changes and she will look at her. She also said its a good sign that shes not vomiting any.

Lily is playing now with her brother, and attacking me and him, so I think and hope and pray that she will be alright. She acts like she wants to clean her self and then stops, so I think her tongue is sore, and shes not able to lick her feet b/c it hurts to much.

Thanks Gina, Lily an Oreo
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I'm so glad that she's going to be okay! I feel much better about it since you got to talk to a vet and/or her assistant. I was so worried for her (and for you). Please keep us posted all the way through her recovery.

Sending lots of "feel better" vibes to Lily.
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I'm so glad that you got to talk to someone about her and that she's going to be okay.

Please keep us posted on how she's doing.
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