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Ack!! Sorry you couldn't get a hold of Come Here, those rascally kitties!! but soooo glad that Sly is healthy!!
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Just a quick update: Come Here has been making an appearance every day to eat, but is still keeping her distance from me and my downstairs neighbor. Poor girl is obviously traumatized by the whole experience of being put outside, much more so than her brother was. I may have to consider trapping her. Please continue to send vibes for this sweet girl.

Meanwhile, I found out yesterday that my idiot neighbor who abandoned is now in jail for the next 30 days for failure to pay child support. There was time I actually felt sorry for this guy because it seemed like he was doing the best he could to care for his cats. At this point, I've lost all respect for him and just feel so sad for the cats.
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Hey guys, great news about Sylvester. Had a email from the shelter this morning. He was a little scared at first, which is to be expected, but has settled in and is back to his sweet self. He responded well to the antibiotics and is now in one of their cat rooms and up for adoption. The director says she thinks he'll find a home quickly. I may try to visit him this weekend.

Now, for Come Here. I'm really starting to worry about her since no one has seen her since Monday. Someone is eating the food I've been putting out. Hopefully it's her. I've decided to go ahead and set a couple of traps tonight. She'll be traumtized, but no more so than she already is. That way I can get her inside and to the vet ASAP. She's a sweet girl and I'm sure she'll calm down once she feels safe.

Please send some major vibes/prayers that I can trap her. Thanks!
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Great news about Slyvester.
Sending sucessful trapping your way!
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Great news, everybody - I saw Come Here in our backyard when I got home from work yesterday so went ahead and set two traps last night. Got her!

She's in my spare room now, under the bed and little scared, but okay otherwise. She let me pet her a little and even let me put some Frontline on her. I'll get her to the vet first thing next week, then start working on finding her a home or placing her with a rescue. I'm not sure the same place that took Sylvester will be able to help at this point, but will certainly ask. I'd actually like to give Come Here a couple of weeks to calm down and feel safe before doing anything.

She's such a gorgeous girl. I can't wait to brush her when she's up to it. Will post pics later. I'm also thinking she needs a new name. Come Here is cute but definitely doesn't suit her. Will start another thread for suggestions.

Thanks so much for the vibes/prayers, guys. I'm so relieved Come Here is safe inside!
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Great news Elicon!!

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That's wonderful news Eileen.
I'm so happy she's safe and sound and in your good hands.
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