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eating plastic!

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Why is my kitty eating plastic? Any baggies, wrap, tape, or packaging is a sitting target. Could this be a vitamin deficiency? When he eats any volume, it does seem to induce a hairball...
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Kitty should not be actually ingesting plastic. Very bad for him! Plastic can get wound up in his intestines and have to have surgery for it to be removed or he will die.

My kitty likes to lick plastic bags, like from the store. Anytime I forget to pick them up, he is right on it. I've heard that they use fish oil in the production of plastic, so that could be why.
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My freinds cat likes to lick plastic too, only she specificly likes it at about 3 in the morning. My friend thinks it is an attention getting behavior.
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A lot of times animal byproducts go into making plastics, thus the attraction that cats have for them. The plastic bags the grocers use, most times, the manufacturer uses fish oils to process the plastic and make them so shiny. I have to hide all our plastic shopping bags from one kitty because she just goes for them. It is really dangerous and you need to try and keep plastics away from your cat. Good luck at that, plastic is everywhere anymore.
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