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Need help with new kitten...

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Sam our new kitten..Im guessing she is between 6 & 7wks old....I know she is young but...I couldnt leave her they had her for sale at the petstore and I feel in love and she was already separated from her mommy Anyways...this morning a few minutes ago she was clear with white bubbles on this anything to be worried about?
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Might be a sign of worms. Has she been seen by your vet since you got her? I know you probably felt really sorry for her being in a pet shop, but seriously that's the last place you should adopt a kitten from. Many of them come from kitten mills which are horrible places to be born or from uncaring backyard breeders who allow their cats to breed and don't care where they end up.

Please get her to a vet to be checked out. Is she eating and drinking normal?
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yea shes eating and drinking well...I know she didnt come from a kitten mill...we have a family owned petstore here...who take down names addresses and phone numbers of where their pets come from as well as have each animal examined by a vet to make sure they are healthy...This kitten came from a family who took in a pregnant cat...who had only the one they brought the kitten to the petstore a little too soon..instead of waiting until the kitten was at least 10 wks old
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I see. But if the kitten is throwing up its still not a good sign. You need to have the kitten examined by your vet. Check for worms and given shots. Pet stores (even family owned) IMO don't do a thorough job of checking kittens/puppies out - its a quick once over and that's it.

The biggest beef I have with them, is they do not insist on having the kitten/puppy neutered/spayed - they just hand you a pet and you do what you want.
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It does sound like worms to me, too. Most kittens have them. Make sure to get the worming pills from the vet when you get her checkup. Hope the vet visit goes well with no problems!
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Thanks I will..She is either going monday or tuesday...depends on which day I can get an apt before I have to be at work for

and that is why I like our petstore...they actually have you sign a spay/neuter contract Which is awesome and the quick once over was about 30 minutes long...and included a fecal sample of which I will get the results of on hopefully they are good They can vaccinate if you want they have already give the first of 3 rounds of shots and she is seeing my vet mainly to uphold the contract that I well as for the comfort of having my vet look over her...Kind of like when you buy a pet from a breeder in 99% of the contracts you sign even if they have their vet look over the pet they ask that for your comfort of mind that you take the pet to your vet and have them examined within 72 hours and if anything is wrong they will either replace your pet or pay a % of the vet bills or refund a % if not all of the purchase price...its the same deal with the petstore here...I wouldnt by from anywhere I didnt trust...They are the only petstore here and have remained that way by the care they give their animals and the Quality they put into their store...

Also Goldenkitty45...I do agree with you that MOST petstores are scum, as well as MOST breeders but it isnt fair to sterotype all just because of what you see in most of them...I have met both wonderful breeders as well as breeders who I felt didnt deserve to walk on the earth...same with petstore owners!
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It could also potentially be the change in diet, if there is one, or just anything small that might upset the tummy. I'd just keep an eye out.. if she's only vomited the one time, then she's probably all right. If she continues.. then I'd worry about it. Do you know how to check for dehydration? If she doesn't show any signs of illness other than the upset tummy, she's probably okay for the short term (until you can get to the vet to have her checked, anyway). Mine generally vomit, between the five of them, at least once a week (that is, I generally see one of them vomit approximately once per week or so, ... or I see vomit in my house about once a week.. it's not totally abnormal), they're all healthy.. sometimes things just don't sit well on a tummy.

And to reinforce what was said about the worms.. I did have several doing the more frequent vomiting, dragging their butts occasionally, and vomitting more often.. and even though they didn't show worms in their fecals.. once we wormed them it all stopped.
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Oh I agree on good and bad breeders. You have the RARE kind of petshop. They actually care about the pets. That's why I said "most" petshops are not like yours
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You guys are awesome!! I love how everyone here responds to help!! Its great having such support all the time when I need it! Soon I will be starting my classes to become a veterinarian..I can't wait!!
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Awesome! I wish I'd gone to vet school when I was young. Now I'd like to work with cats, but I don't think I could handle the schooling (or the cost), but I'd so love to be able to do something for all these little animals in need of help. Best of luck with school, and I'm sure you'll make an awesome vet!
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