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Help! Her first UTI!

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Mitties has never had a problem going pee, it's always been pooping. Now that she's on all wet food with Benefiber mixed in, she's been pooping fine. Today I noticed she was going in the litter box quite often and just thought she must be a little plugged up again. But when I observed her, she wasn't in her "pooping stance"... she was trying to pee!

I quickly called my MIL who is a vet assistant, and I asked if Mitties would be okay until the vets opened tomorrow since no one is open on a Sunday. She said she probably would, but to keep an eye on her. I put down an empty litter box as directed in hopes to catch a pee sample, but I don't know if she'll go in it. Right now she looks a little uncomfortable and is meowing like she's irritated or perhaps in pain.

My MIL said she'd probably be put on Clavamox, but again I won't get there until tomorrow. When I cleaned her box last night there was plenty of pee clumps, so what happened? Do UTIs just come on out of no where? Like I said, she's NEVER had this happen before and I'm nervous. What can I do to make her more comfortable until she goes to the vet? My poor baby!
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I don't know if they come out of nowhere, but do watch her very closely....she's likely had the UTI for a bit & is just not showing discomfort.
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Well the shelter where I work was kind enough to let me buy a bottle of Clavamox off them, and I called my MIL to get the proper dosage. So, as of now, Mitties is on Clavamox and close observation until I see how it's going tomorrrow morning when the vets open. I'm glad I noticed this and that her litterbox is in close view. I'm just wondering how quickly this medicine will kick in and when I should notice a difference. My MIL said she may be a little better tomorrow morning, but the full effect takes a few days.

How do people monitor their cat's "going problems" if their litterbox isn't where you'd normally notice, like a basement? I probably wouldn't have noticed for a few days if not for her litterbox being in our den where I can closely monitor her going habits.
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With six cats frequently my first clue to a problem is the size of the pee clumps in the boxes. If I find clumps that are much smaller than normal I start watching all the cats for other clues such as going to the ox often or appearing to strain while peeing. Sometimes I've been fortunate enough to observe the behavior before the small clumps appear in the box. When Kolohe had a UTI and crystals in March he was running from place to place in the living room trying to pee.

I hope the Clavamox works for Mitties so that she is feeling better soon. It was good of the shelter to let you buy the Clavamox. Positive vibes and hugs to you and Mitties.
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Usually their behavior is my first clue. They'll wander around the house nervously, sniffing things (carpet mostly).

I agree with Natalie, she probably had this coming on for a few days and now she's having a bit more discomfort so it's more obvious.

Something I came across in some reading I did...the added fiber in her food will draw water into her feces. The water has to come from somewhere - so it results in a more concentrated urine. More concentrated urine provides an environment where bacteria can easily set up shop in the bladder. It probably results in less frequent voiding, which is a good setup for bacteria. So despite her increased overall water intake, the fiber could be "stealing" water that would help dilute her urine. That sounds a bit far fetched, but when I sat and thought about it, it made sense.

Also, if she has trouble cleaning her rear end that can contribute too.

I hope she feels better soon!
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Thanks beandip, I never even thought about the fiber robbing the water! I am going to wean her off the extra fiber and monitor her stools. She may not even need it since she's on all wet now. And I ordered some Wellness grain-free in Chicken, Turkey, and Chicken/Beef. No fish! (I hope she'll eat it... she seems to prefer the fishy stuff).

Also, she DOES have an icky bottom. I give her a bath but that part never dries properly, and she's too fat to clean herself down there, so it can get quit crusty, smelly, and matted (sorry, gross but true!).

Her dirty bottom, the extra fiber, and the fishy food may have all caused her UTI. When I take her to the vet I'll ask them to do a "sanitary shave" down there... if she'll let them!

Thanks for the advice. I'm hoping she feels better soon.
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Beandip has practical working knowledge with UTI issues ...
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