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Should I worry?

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Just as a reminder, Janeway is a pregnant stray that showed up at our house a few weeks ago. I have never had a pregnant cat and no context of what to expect. This site has been so informative but now something weird has happened.

Last Friday, as Janeway was sitting on my lap I noticed just a little bit of milk coming out. By Sunday night there was a lot of milk coming out. But still, nothing happened. Then last Thursday I noticed just a little bit of blood around her vagina. She wasn't licking at it, but it was so hot and humid here so I thought she just might be tired. I was sure that this is it.

But still nothing happened. Then today, I was petting her. No more blood and I can't get any milk out of her nipples! She is eating and drinking, purring and seems perfectly fine. But this can't be normal, can it? I've very worried, any thoughts?
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if your worried then please take her to a vet or at least phone a vet. keep us updated please. and i hope everything is fine.
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I might be entirely wrong, but it sounds like Janeway had a false pregnancy. A friend of mine just told me about her goat having a false pregnancy and the same thing happened. But I certainly would ask a vet about it for sure.
Margie Elmendorf
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Usually if you can get milk from nipples if they are really pregnant they will have the kittens in about 48 hrs.

I'd take her to the vet as soon as possible and have her checked out. If it was a false pregnancy or if she aborted/reabsorbed the kittens, then you can schedule her for a spay ASAP.
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I guess I'll call the vet tomorrow morning. It is really strange. She is lumpy and bumpy all over and I can feel kicking and moving so I can't imagine it's a false pregnancy.

She sat on my lap for a few minutes a little while ago and I was able to get a little milk out and she looks very full. But this will make more then a week ago that I was able to get some milk out.
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