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What does your cat's meow sound like?

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Since I've been staying at Dad's the past few days, and enjoying spending time with his cat Pumpkin, I've been noticing the differences between Ivo's meow and Pumpkin's meow. Ivo sounds like what I always thought a cat should sound like-her meow sounds like "meow". Pumpkin, on the other hand...I think she speaks a foreign language. She grunts a lot, and her 'meow' sounds like "merr....eeeeek..rrrr...", including the pauses. She also squeaks a lot.

What do your cats sound like? Do they have the stereotypical meow, or do they make unique noises like Pumpkin?
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Snowball meows like a typical cat and he makes a variety of different sounds. I enjoy listening to these and I can tell some things about his needs this way.

My cat, Midnight, (deceased) was mostly silent and the variety of different sounds she was able to make seemed to be quite limited. Whenever we heard her meow it was a very short sound and also high-pitched and squeaky. Most of the time she would open her mouth to meow and we would only hear a slight clicking noise or hear something that sounded like air. . The only times Midnight would meow normally was when she was stressed. Being examined by a vet was one example of this.
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Opie has a raspy rrr-ow and Rowdy squeaks, most of the time. She, also, has a pathetic little "mew", when she's trying to convince me that she's starving. (There is, always food in the bowl.)
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Trent is a big cat with a little meow. He has this high pitched little whine most of the time, sometimes ending with a breathy "eh", but only when he's being ultra pathetic. He also has the tiniest little hiss. It's so funny because he couldn't scare a fly with that hiss.

Ophelia is a little cat with a deep gruff voice. She complains a lot, and is very demanding - at least that's how her voice sounds. Well, she's got the attitude to suggest that, too. I swear she does say NO! sometimes. One night she was yelling at Earl to come to bed, and he asked her "Can you wait a few minutes? I'm busy." "NO!" she said. The first time I heard her say No was when I asked her if she would want another kitty friend.
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Fred almost sounds like he is talking sometimes. If I ask him enough times what he wants, he seems to get frustrated and makes a sound like AAAAAhhhhh! Sometimes he sounds like he says Mom. Mostly he just meows.
Leo, now gone, was a huge cat with the meow of a tiny kitten. It was so fuuny to hear this squeaky little sound come out of this big, stocky cat.
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Suki rarely meows, she just 'churrrrups' all the time!
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Scooter chirps a lot more than she meows and she has this little half purr half chirp thing that she does. It sounds so cool. When she does meow it sounds like rrrooowww. Pokemon has a rough raspy meow and sounds like a poodle when he growls. Ninjs Su has a very distinct voice. Her meow sounds like meow but the tone of her voice is none I've ever heard befor. I don't know how to describe it. Tomas has a normal meow but he doesn't scream like most cats when he's angry or in a fight. He squeals like a baby followed by an air sound. Belle is a very tiny cat with a very tiny meow. She is 5 months old now and still sounds like a 2 week old kitten. She has a very big growl though and lets you know she means business. They all have big hisses and Scooter spits a lot.

Well that's how all mine sound.

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Alf does a very insistant and LOUD "Maaaa!" when he wants food - he almost sounds angry. But mainly he just stares at me until I can take it no longer and go get him some mitten nam-nams. His hiss is the most pathetic in the world, it is almosts like a deep sigh - I'm sure all the local cats fall down laughing when he does it. But his purrs rattle the windows.

Ronnie seldom meows, she is a very quiet cat, but when she does it is a pathetic mewl. You have to press your ear to her to hear her purrs.
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Striker doesn't meow - he gweeks, hence the nickname Gweeky
Exclaibur has a soft wimpy meow.
Pepperpot is loud and insistant.
Sugarly sounds like she is lamenting a lost loved one - very sad sounding.
And Merlin is loud and strident and grating on the nerves!
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Most of my cats just make normal sounding meows, but merlin very rarely meows unless he wants something, then he goes, "Meowrrrrlllll"
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Have you ever heard a cat fight? 2 males? Well, when my Siamese is in heat that;s what she sounds like! Drives you nuts!
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Socks' is more of a "Mrrrrrrrrrow", but when there's food involved it's a very fast "Mewwwwww! Mewwwww! Mewwwwww!!!!!" it sounds like she's saying "Hey, youuuuu, youuuuu, youuuuu!"
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All of ours have different meows. Nippers rarely meows, but it is deep and throaty when he does make a sound. Momma Belle Roma sounds like she is saying mom. The babies make chirpy sounds. All do have unique voices for different events.
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We have four cats - one says "browmp", one says "myaaaa!", one just grumbles and groans, and the kitten is just learning to talk, so is going with the classic tiny "mew" as befits her mere 6 months of age.
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