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moving my 4 babies

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Im gonna be moving into a house in a couple of weeks. I have four kitties who all exhibit different responses towards change. Do you think that it is best to bring all of them to the new place at once or one by one based upon how whiney and scared they are when in a new place?

Pinky never wants to be in the box or a cage when its time to go to a vet.
I got scars from her. She also likes to hide but she will meow when she knows I am there.

Hunny Bun is pretty relaxed but I took her in as a stray and she has only lived here since being an inside kitty.

Lucky is usually okay but needs to take in everything or he is jumpy.

Fuzzy is the biggest baby of all because he will whine unless I am petting him very loudly . He starts whining once we step outside if he is in the cage.

All of then except for hunny bun has peed because I guess of being scared when in my car being driven somewhere.

Lucky also likes to ride in a car and will act much like a dog and look out the window while my fiance or I holds him. He may have went potty cause he didnt like the cage.

This is going to be at least a 20 minute drive either way I go.

I would love some advice.
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Keep them in carriers in the car, bring them all to one room with a couple of boxes, food, water, toys and beds and leave them there for at least a day or two til the 'outside' is under control (familiar things around and not just a mess of boxes). Be VERY scrupulous about checking everywhere in the entire house for loose screens, floor vents with openings they could get their heads stuck in (you'd be amazed!), hidey holes in the bsmt, or anywhere else you can't reach into, etc. and warn everyone to be hugely careful about keeping doors closed. Let them explore one room per day, always being sure they feel comfortable - coming out of the first room on their own. If they hide under the bed, let them, just be sure food is close by. They may not want to eat or poop for 1-2 day. In other words let them take the lead in exploring to some extent, but be very sure everywhere is safe. Watch out for string lying around from packing, and tape, etc. and make sure they all know very well where the permanent litter boxes will be, where their bowls are (once outside of the first room) and that they can always run back to the first room for as long as they need to.
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