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false diagnosis?

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About 8 months ago My fiance and I took his cat lucky to the vet because we noticed blood in his urine (sometimes) the first time we were given antibiotics and were told to give him urinary tract formula food. Then he still continued to have blood in his urine. Then the vet did some test s (he used a cancer screening urine test for dogs and humans) and this came back positive and we put lucky on some "pain" medicine. ( i dont remember what its called atm) Well, lucky has since quit having the blood in his urine and we took him off the medicine. Our vet prescribed the medicine because he thought lucky looked like he was "in pain". Lucky exhibits typical ocicat behavior at home.

Ive always taken my pets to this vet because my mom has always taken her kitties there too.

Do you think it was possible he was wrong?
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If a cat has an UTI there will be a little pain. I'm not sure I understand your vet. Did he find UTI? Usually they just give antibotics, not pain medicine for UTI. And you might have to have a modified/special diet if they are prone to UTI.

My first cat got a UTI when he was about 8-9 yrs old (one and only time). I remember the vet telling me that if they get UTI when older its usually a one time thing, but if they got it within the first few years old then they tended to be chronic UTI the rest of their life.

We gave Mitten some tomato juice for about a month afterwards to help him. He never got another UTI after that.

BTW I didn't know you had an Oci - what color and where did you get him?
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he is i think we decided cinnamon. My fiance got him when he was like 12 from a family who lived up the street (there cats didnt get along with him or something) This family got lucky from the spca .

The breeder wanted to put lucky to sleep cause he had an extra rib or an inverted sternun . Of course the vet was like heckll no so that spca wound up with him. Then that family and my fiance in the end.
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I thought it might be cinnamon from the picture but was not sure. Do you have some other pics of him. Would love to see more pics

I don't think much of a breeder who puts their cat in a shelter. The kitten could have been petted out instead! Wonder which breeder that cat came from as there are not too many Oci breeders in the US!
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yeah i know. lemme see if I can find some pics of him. he is hard to photograph cause he doesnt "pose"
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Actually its hard to photograph Charlie at times as he won't sit still. Best pictures are of him sleeping or relaxed. He was pretty cooperative with the prof. photographer at the show - he had a lot of fun and some great shots too.

You almost need 2 people to get some good shots or just follow him around with the digital camera
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