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pop the other kitty

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Is a game my cats all seem to play and I guess it isnt really a game.

We brought lucky to live with us last november right before thanksgiving and the cats generally deal with each other and even play but they all seem to just "pop" each other right on the head when they get in each others way.

Lucky will just walk up and pop my other cats when he wants to play with the toy . My cats have claws and lucky doenst but lucky pops way harder. (lucky was adopted from the spca about 8 year ago)

How in the world do I get them to stop "popping" each other? Ive tried splitting them up , i pet them when they get together and look "angry" and sometimes I even stop playing when they fight over the toys.
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It sounds like they are being cats.

My cats do this too. Sometimes in play and sometimes to create their own space.

If one cat gets to close to the other and one does not like it they will bop each other on the head to get the other to back off. They are no really fighting more just a slap really.

You can not really stop this behavior as it in instinct for them to do that. I just shake my head and laugh at them.

I do agree though that de-clawed cats have a much harder "bop" then clawed cats.
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You don't its a cat's way of communication. Charlie bops Ling a lot which causes her to complain and then they wind up in a wrestling match.

If they get too bad I just yell "ok guys CUT IT OUT" and they usually will quit - sometimes it takes a clap of hands to break them up.

Keno, our lab hates any kind of fighting and runs over and breaks it up.
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it just scares me cause sometimes lucky does it to initiate play and then the other cat take it as he wants to "fight" and then they start "slap" fighting
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Yep, could be an Oci trait - remember they are from aby/siamese breeds and both breeds are a demanding/dominate type of personality; so I'm not surprised at his actions
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yeah i suppose so... hehe
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