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I hate cars

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Sorry need to get this off my chest.

Our car has been playing up over the last month, it starts to shudder and veer when you get to 60mph but is fine before and after that speed.

Richard has just come back from the garage and said that the garage have told him that the shocks? are gone and it is going to cost us £100 to fix, and that is on top of the £45 he had to spen on a new tyre.

I haven't got a clue where to scrape the money from, we have been left broke after our holiday in November and the christmas shopping,as well as we still need to buy food and drink for the new years eve party we are throwing, it couldn't have happened at a worst time.

Grrrr, I really do hate cars.

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Shocks = Suspension, big problem and needs repairing if it's veering about. I hate cars too, they, excuse the pun, drive me nuts!
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They always do seem to break down at the worst time! I always get extremely upset when mine has trouble. Seems to me that if you pay so much for something that it ought to work.
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*groan* I know exactly what you mean! We've just had our car serviced, and now it's worse than ever! It keeps stalling - hubby says something to do with the choke!
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That's the thing I love about leasing a vehicle. It's like renting a car for three years. I pay $450/month (canadian) for my Ford Ranger Edge truck, and I love it. It has heat and a/c and power stering, all the goodies. Except I don't own it. I have to return it after the three years and either get a new one or buy this one out or walk away. I love the idea of never having any troubles ever with the vehicle, but the payments could choke me sometimes! Well, you get what you pay for right?

A word of caution, if you go to lease a vehicle, be firm. These companies will try to conn you into paying for things you'll never need. Like diamond coating paint. You're not buying the vehicle so you won't need it in many years when the paint starts to wear away and you need the paint coating, plus, and this they don't tell you...it comes from the factory with the diamond coating! So they just want you to pay for it! Those major car companies make me so mad sometimes, but the ease of mind I get from never having to worry about rushing to the car to get to work on time, just to have the car suddenly not work, is real relief. Hubby used to have one old Celica after another and they were cold and always needed some junky part. I'll pay $450/mth thank-you-very-much.:tounge2:
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Where I live people can save money by taking their car to a technical college and having repairs made by auto mechanic students. I don't know if this type of thing is an option in the U.K.
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One of the basic rules of life: if it has tires or testicles - its gonna give you trouble!

I'm lucky - I have a domesticated mechanic. He's lower maintainence, than my car and he works cheap.

My car is 19 years old and runs perfectly. I've had it, for 1 1/2 years and the only "repair" has been to buy a new battery. Next week, it gets new tires.
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After years of driving "disposable" cars, we finally got one that we really wanted. The boss's spoiled rotten wife decided she had to have a 2003 Tahoe, and wanted to sell her 1997 Supercharged Buick Riviera. Beautiful, well maitained, looks and works like brand new. They came to us and offered it for $4750, and we took it immediately. Turns out that they looked up the wrong thing on the internet, and gave it to us for less than half of the wholesale value! They DMV gave them the value on it for taxes, but the deal was done, papers signed. They were not happy about it, but accepted it as their mistake. It even has the satellite radio thing in it. We are really enjoying it. Karma kicks his greedy butt again!
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The best thing I ever did was sell my car and adopt a cat
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Cars are such a sore subject with me right now!!! I am about ready to opt for a horse and buggy...(might get a tad chilly though)

I really am sick of the high cost of repairs!!! My old car, a 91 Ford Escort GT needed front struts, and it needed some brake work done etc and when it is all done it will cost me over $500. I have already paid $300 of it.

The new car (a 2000 Dodge Neon) started giving me trouble not long after we bought it (we bought it used in 2001) I have had it to two different mechanics, and noone can figure out what the problem is. It will drive just fine for months, then suddenly without warning it goes through a "bad spell" where it will die when I am driving it down the road...I could be going 60 miles an hour down the highway and suddenly it will die and I have to coast off onto the side of the road and restart it. Luckily it will restart, but sometimes it will die several times before I get home. Then when I take it in to have it looked at, it works fine and they can't find a problem! They said it isn't the fuel pump, as several people have suggested that. So I just keep driving the silly thing, never knowing when or if it will die on me. It hasn't done it for several weeks now (knock on wood) but I'm sure it will start acting up again soon. And noone seems to be able to help me.
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What REALLY sucks is when you get double dipped! The car gets repairs and you still have to make that car payment!! EEK!

My mother's 96 crappy Saturn is starting to blow some blue smoke out the back end. Lovely, huh???

BUTTT....right now, Chevy dealers around here are offering a brand new Cavalier with air, cd player, etc on it for $12,500. I guess everyone is eligible for the GM discount right now. Her payment would only be like $225. I think that is awesome. I generally cheer for the Toyotas because they go and go (please don't yell at me!!!) but the Cavalier generally goes, too. My dad has an 85 that has 500,000 miles on it!! LOL The body looks horrible, but the car just cannot be beat dead!
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Good one, Katl8o. I know what you mean about cars-it gets old sometimes and you don't realize how dependent you are on them til they break down!
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I know what you mean carrie...I still have to make that car payment every month but yet there I am restarting it on the side of the road.
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Since my Olds is in such good shape, we're going to keep it, until the new truck is paid off. I'm making 1/2 of the truck payment, now. When its paid off, Bill will help me buya newer car and make 1/2 the payments.

Several of the dealers, here, have specials and offer $3000-$4500 trade-in. Blue Book on my car is only $1350. I'd like to have another Lincoln Town Car. My dream car is a '59 Cadillac convertible.

I know those big old cars are gas guzzlers but, they're safer cars. I'm a good driver but, I don't trust all of the idiots out there! Tucson is the red light running capital of the world!
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Have any of these geniuses checked your fuel filter? It sound like the same thing that was happening to my 85 Oldsmobile. We had it looked at, no one could figure out the problem. We ended up stranded by the side of the road, and when my s/o looked at it himself, he found the problem. 20 minutes and $5 later, we were on our way, and it has not happened again.
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Last year I just got rid of my '97 Neon (Originally bought new). Just before it hit 100,000 miles, everything went to pot! Something called the 'throttle body' went out on me twice in six months. Basicly, when I took my foot off the gas, instead of slowing down, I sped up. Not a good thing when you're trying to merge. I just got a Ford Focus, and I love it! A good thing too, considering I drive about an hour to work every morning. The Focus is supposed to be good for well over 100,000 miles, which is a good thing, because I'd like to get qa little more than 4 years out of a car!
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Wow!!! That is just plain scary!!!! I hope that doesn't happen to me! That would be very dangerous if you were right behind someone and took your foot off the gas and sped up!!! Krazy kat...I will have them check the fuel filter next time it acts up and I take it in...thanks for the tip! Maybe I should just trade this sucker in for a different car!!!
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