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A little brag

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At todays show the judge said about Demetri "He is what should be being bred in Ocicats"

He got 5th best group 3 kitten, out of 23 kittens

So proud of my naughty little terror
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oh wow, congratulations!
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Great, congrats. I'm proud of you and Demtri Charlie sends his best wishes too. Hope Charlie does as well in his August show (less then a month from now).

When will his first adult show be? Is it 9 months old when he goes against the "big" boys?
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Who was the judge? I know quite a few Oz judges - sounds like something Allan Raymond would say!
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GK- He's an adult at 9 months, so he'll do the last 4 shows of the year in Oct/Nov with the big cats Good luck with Charlie.

It wasn't Allen, I don't think we've come across him yet. I left the catalogue at my dads so I will let you know who the woman was.
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Cool! That's a great comp to get from a judge!
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What a beautiful compliment for such a handsome boy

Sadie has been telling you for months that Demetri is a real looker.
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Oh how you must be beaming with pride! Grats on such a wonderful compliment!
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