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I have been a dog person all my life. I just got my first kitty last may...and I LOVE HER!!!! However I am clueless about a lot of cat things..(such as how to make her stop tearing up everything wood in the house..and I don't believe in declawing)and many other things. I am also the sister in law of okeefecl who showed me the site (as as we all know is too sweet) Nice meeting u all
Jane 1
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Hi Jane and welcome to the site!

We have a lot of different forums that deal with all different subjects regarding cats. So feel free to look around and post about the different questions you have in the related forums. Welcome again to a really nice place.
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Hi Jane,

I've only just joined too - you'll love it here - I think it's great!
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Welcome Jane! It's amazing how those little furrballs just work their way into our hearts, isn't it? I was a dog person too, until we got our two. Funny thing was that I was always moaning about getting a puppy someday, while hubby was saying that dogs are OK but a house isn't a home until you have a cat in it. Now, of course, I'm a total die-hard crazy cat lady.

Definitely feel free to ask anything on the boards. We were all first time kitty mommies at one time.

Enjoy your time here, and I'm sure Christy has already warned you about how addictive this place is.
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Welcome Jane.... glad you found us!
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Hi, Jane! I'm glad Christy told you where we are! Once someone has a cat, they're done for. I love dogs too. But there's nothing like a newly converted cat owner who finds out what she's been missing! (Being a slave to 7 or 8 pounds of fluff!)
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Hiya Jane, great to have you here. Dive on in and ask away. Or just join in the general chitchat!
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