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Crying A LOT!

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Seamus has been crying a lot this past week... I know he's all clear health-wise, he just had giardia and got the all clear on that... he also had bloodwork done and that was all good... ever since his last vet visit last week he cries for no reason... sometimes I go to see what's up with him and it's nothing, he stops, I give him a scratch on the head and he's fine... I thought maybe he needs more playtime, so I play, and he gets bored easily... he'll just walk around the house and cry... It's getting maddening, because there's really nothing wrong with him...

I've been on summer break since June, so I am home a lot more and not in a routine myself, so I've just kind of been hanging around the house a lot bored and staying up much later than usual, getting up later... Could this be just a disruption of our normal day that has him all wound up or is there something I'm not doing to cause the crying??
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Perhaps "cry" isn't exactly the right word. He's vocalizing most likely for the very reasons you speculate: boredom and a disruption in routine. And he gets rewarded for his "crying" which reinforces the behavior. I'd suggest playtime on a set schedule, a couple times a day at the same time each day, so he knows when he can expect to get some time with you. And then not respond to his "crying" in between times. I think after a while he'll get the picture.
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