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Worried- Please help! Thanks

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Thanks in advance for any help, knowledge you share. I have a male (fixed)3yr old cat that recently has started an odd behavior. He licks the concrete patio in the back yard when he goes outside. He also seems a bit lethargic. He lives with his momma and his brother from the same litter as he. All fixed. 4th of july freaked them all out, and I first noticed this behavior around then.His mother seems to be more aloof to him, usually they're very tight. I just lost my job and can't afford to take him to the vet. Appetite seems okay, tail is up alot. I'm just worried/wondering. does anyone know if the concrete licking is symbolic of a vitamin deficiency, disease(god forbid) or any other ideas, I love him so much. Any additional info wanted, I'll send ,please advise, Thanks
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If he is not as playful, alert as before it may be a sign of illness or some internal damage. What happened last 4th of July? Were they exposed to a lot of noise? Smoke from firecrackers? Sorry, but you will have to consult a veterinarian.
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He may just be 'a bit lethargic' because of the summer heat - I know mine are, and they're off their food somewhat, which is normal. People forget I think that animals react just like we do to weather and other natural changes. Also, it's natural for 'children' to draw away from the parents, who eventually will be the same as any other unrelated cats to them. Even if he doesn't get 'worse' and seems ok, why not find out now if there are vets or clinics around that will charge less (if anything) to people in special circumstances - for future use if nothing else. The concrete eating could be that he's looking for a bit more salt or something - again a natural thing in summer when you lose more of it to the heat. I wouldn't think he has some awful disease because of it though unless more changes occur.
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For the kindness and wisdom. On the 4th I keep them all in, so no smoke or anything. Lots and lots of noise though (also for a week or so before and after, bottle rockets etc). Thanks also for the calming words about seasonal, life changes. He is predominantly black in color, kinda hot color for Albuquerque, NM. I'm taking him to the vet Monday AM regardless. I don't function well when I'm worried about my "kids". Thanks again to all and I'll update when I know something. Tom
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Ya, I agree with Larke -- quite likely looking for more salt. There isn't much salt in cat food. The heat makes my cats pretty lethargic, too.
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Hmm, I agree, consulting a vet seems like a really good plan.

Um.. have you changed their food recently? They might have been getting a different set of vitamins with a different type of food. Also, I know there is a fluid supplement that's effectively like pedialyte for children but it's for cats.. I don't remember the name of it, but it might not be a bad thing to pick up a little of that. I seem to remember that humans often need salt added to their fluids in the summertime, which is sort of like electrolytes (or maybe the same thing, but I thought maybe there were more vitamins in electrolytes)..
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