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cat books

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Just so you all know, the cat books are sealed with a kiss and are going to be on their way to Debby as soon as I can get to the post office.
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That's always good news. Can this journey actually be near its end?
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What cat books?

*Scolds self for not being on more often
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Once upon a time, a long, long time ago (literally a year), Hissy bought this cat book and decided to circulate it among interested TCS members via the mail. Each recipient was to include a note and some pictures of their cats. The book's final destination was to be Anne (before her baby was born - he'll be 1 in Feb.) The original book got lost (or rather not passed on). Hissy started a new one. Then book #1 resurfaced. So the 2 books are now traveling together. The trip has been very slow, and Debby is the last person on the list before Anne. Some people have indicated an interest in starting up a similar project. There is no way we could add names to the original list, or the book(s) may never make it to the end of the road.
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What a totally wonderful thing to do!. That shows trust in your fellow man (and woman) to the ultimate degree, in my opinion. You guys are so thoughtful!

Hey, BTW, I'm planning a baby shower for my best friend (she JUST gave birth on Dec.14) and I need some idea's on what has worked and what definelty hasn't. She wants it to be a co-ed thing... any ideas?
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Thank you Deb for the condensed version!

Oh and Tamme here is a linkCoed Baby Showers- Power Showers
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I had a co ed baby shower. There were no problems and the men didnt seem to be worried about it.

How long has this cat book thingy been going on? THat sounds like a neat idea!
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At least two years now. Never let it be said that cat owners are not persistant!
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Thank-you Hissy for such a neat site!
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I think that the "book" idea was fantastic. I just wanted to add some information while you were on the subject of books.

I read a book about cats that I think everyone would enjoy. It is called: "What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life" and it's by a lady named, Niki Anderson. It is charming. There are pictures of her and her cats and stories and pictures of cats she owned and other peoples cats and their pictures. There are 190 pgs and the book is hard back. It cost me $7.99. There are a lot of tid bits of wisdom and quotes for the day in the book as well. It's very interesting and I thought I'd pass this information along to anyone who might be interested. If you get this book, let me know if you liked it. It would make a great gift for a catlover.
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