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Kitchen Table

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Hey all,

How do i keep Sassy off the kitchen table? No matter how hard i try to keep her off, she just doesnt get it. Whenever she gets on there i always tell her "no" or "get down" then i go and pick her up and put her on the floor. this has been happening since i have had her for 2 months. Sometimes when i tell her to get down she does get down, but then other times she looks at me like "no, why dont you make me!?!" I know she knows that she is not supposed to do it, i can just see it in her face.

Any advice would be grrrrreat!

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Honestly, this is going to be a losing battle. I suggest you just give up trying to keep her off the table. It's just going to be a major frustration. Cats like to get up off the floor, so she doesn't know it's "wrong" to be on the table; she just knows that you don't like it. And she'll do it when your back is turned even if she'll get off when you make her. When you need to use the table for a meal, just put her in a room and clean the table before eating.
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Whenever one of our cats get on the kitchen table or counters I always did what you do. (Although I also clapped my hands at them while i was firmly saying "NO!") And I`d pick them up and put them on the floor.
They still try it occassionaly when i`m looking.....but a clap or a "NO!" will send them dropping to the floor.
HOWEVER !!!!! I`m not so dumb as to believe, for one second, that they stay off the table or the counters at night, or while I`m gone. I`m sure they do as they darn well please when I`m not in here to see.
So first thing in the AM, or when I come home from someplace, I run a bit of soapy water in the sink and wipe down the table top and counters to make sure there is`nt anything "yucky" from their paws (with them having been digging around in the litter box) before I start preparing food.
Probably those surfaces are actually cleaner now WITH cats than they were before!
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