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Collar HELP!!!!

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I need some help.

I am looking for a possible collar for my cat Cuddles. We have done those wove fabric ones, she destroyes it. We bought a vinyl one yesterday and she's already destroying it.

I am wondering if we should turn to a leather one. The reason they have collars is because they have name tags with our numbers. This is because we live in an apartment and though we never let the cats out, you never know when they might try to become escape artists. Also I feel safer with them having name tags.

Sushi and Stormy are great with collars, but Cuddles. She some how gets the collar into her mouth and starts chewing right away.

Would a leather collar work? Anyone have a suggestion for decent collars that can't be destroyed so easily. We're also looking into micochipping but I still want them to have collar with a name tag.
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How big is your cat? I found that most collars are just too big for little cat necks. If your cat is on the oriental side in body build, you might never really find a good fitting collar.

I'd be worried more of the cat getting choked by the collar if they can get it in their mouths or getting a leg caught trying to get out.

Good luck in finding one that fits.
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She's a medium haired Tiger (if that makes any sense.) Shes mostly fur and muscle, not the slender type at all. We always get the ones that are break away for safety reasons.
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Have you tried measuring Cuddles' neck with a string, then measure the string and find a collar the is close to that measurement?
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Oliver wears a collar too and we went through a lot of store bought ones, but he'd shed them with usual neck scratching.... I finally bought him a custom collar from and it's been great! They're made of cotton fabric and she uses break free clasps just in case kitty gets stuck on something... she's really nice and even went out shopping for a particular fabric I wanted at no extra charge! I got Oliver's embroidered with his name and my number too - it looks great on him, fits well and is holding up really well... I know a lot of other people here have bought from her
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I get the "auto release" collars for my cats, because God forbid they get stuck on something if I'm not home. THey sell them at PetSmart and probably any other store...
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ragtime, lindsay,

I've found that lindsay designs collars are a bit thinner and work better on smaller cats. Ragtime is a little wider.

and there's a site that also has beastie bands. Let me know when you check these sites out if you need anymore information....i have all these brands.

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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Have you tried measuring Cuddles' neck with a string, then measure the string and find a collar the is close to that measurement?
I have measure with a fabric ruler, but I will try with the string. The sad thing is when we take it off to check it or something and leave it around, she'll find it and destroy it. I think she has a hatred for collars.
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I would recommend a leather collar. Some places sell breakaway leather collars for cats... My previous cat always scratched her collars and every collar I bought her ended up a tattered mess. Finally I bought a nice, fairly thin collar made of leather (it had metal pawprint "studs" around it) and she had that one for years without ever damaging it. The leather was the unfinished sort, like the texture of suede rather than the sort of finish you usually see on dog collars which probably would have gotten scratched...
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That's the kind of collar we're looking for. Where did you find yours?
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Hey Catlady,

I finally gave up on the cat collar thing myself, but I do have some advice.

I too am an apartment dweller, and am just extra careful when entering and exiting. I try not to let them be enticed by the outside.

Anyway... I bought collars for them, and Sebastian ripped his off immediately. He was not having it! Like yours, he would get his mouth around it or his paw underneath it. I probably was leaving it too loose around their neck because I was afraid of having it too tight. Amadeus kept his on for a while but finally I found it on the floor one day. I should try to keep collars on them, but when Sebastian ripped his off he hid it from me! I haven't seen it since. I bought the breakaway collars so that I wouldn't have to be worried if they did get their foot caught in it. I would strongly recommend these. They have different sizes, and they're adjustable too.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Catlady810 View Post

That's the kind of collar we're looking for. Where did you find yours?
I found it at a little pet 'boutique' type shop in my area. It was red with little pewter pawprints on it. Sorry that's not much help!
If you go to the website called "Muttwear and More" (web search will find it) you can find a collar in the cat collar section that looks very similar to the one I have. It's the one with the pawprints.
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