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Foods that guarantee a particular urine pH

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This came up in the Purina ONE thread, but I thought I should start a new thread.

Can anyone provide the names of cat foods that guarantee a particular urine pH? Links would be great.

I understand that many companies claim that a certain range in pH may result from a cat eating their food...but I was not aware that some place a GUARANTEE on that info. Somebody set me straight, please. I've seen claims, and I've seen ranges...but I haven't seen a guarantee attached to that info.
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The ones that claim helps maintain UTI health have been certified by the FDA and thus testing proves that they give a Urine PH in the gareenteed range ...

To my knowledge only Nutro max in adult and lite and one Purina pro plan and one Purina One have that stated on the label .. Yet Youll only get the PH for the urine by calling the companys ...

The above I would trust as they have been tested for just that reason...

Solid gold and Wellness both have claims of PH of urine and some that I am well forgeting ... but If they have been independently tested and CERTIFIED I dont know
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Please forgive me Sharky...I'm doing a little devil's advocate thing here.

I just still don't think that the pH can be guaranteed. An estimate, yes...a claim, yes...but a guarantee doesn't sound practical or possible to me. There are too many variables. If all cats responded to one food the same way, there wouldn't be any urinary tract problems in cats.

The second paragraph under "FLUTD Products" uses words like "discretion" and "claims" a lot...I'm not sure what an "adequate controlled study" consists of...but it's still not a guarantee.


Please understand this wasn't meant as an attack on you. I didn't mean to hold you under fire over this...it was someone else who brought it up. It's just that FLUTD is a subject that I'm very passionate about, so when I hear the word "guarantee" I take it seriously. I had never heard of such a thing in reference to pH levels. Claimed ranges, yes...but not guarantees.
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No offense taken /// I actually will take this up with a boss of mine and my vet....I have understood it as a garentee of a urine ph of a certain leval thou that definition via the link is well as vague as if a politician wrote it.. the reason for ranges is so they can gaurentee that the urine PH will fall in those ranges ... Of course a brief discussion with my vet shot alot of holes in common thoughts

My understanding of the "studies" were that unlike the food trials these were like double blind ... and went on for many yrs ... and the main reason more foods cant CLAIM is that these tests run $$$$$$$$ and most companies cant or wont put a food through them...
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That's cool....Thanks

Yeah, LOL - a politician. I didn't think of it that way but it's soooo true.

I'd be interested to know what you find out.

In my random searching, I found a PDF that described a formula that supposedly predicts urine pH, based on certain mineral and amino acid percentages in the food. It was based on a study of more than 100 cat foods. Now I can't find it. When I have more time later, I'll try to dig that back up.
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