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Originally Posted by Taurus77 View Post
ILike they say, "its not the mainstream media" and they do make a conscious effort to be "fair and balanced".
Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
i dont see where anyone is saying, no slant on fox.
but at least they dont try to be anti american like the other three networks seem to be.
Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Thing is, I think that everyone who watches Fox KNOWS that they have a bias. And we know exactly what that bias is; Fox doesn't hide it like the other networks did/do. However, they really do try to present both sides.
Heidi and Bruce, I was responding to the part bolded above. I do know people who will swear up and down that Fox is unbiased, unlike all those other liberal media. I've even heard more than one person try to claim Fox has a liberal bias!
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Is it really that big of a deal that Fox has a conservative bias? I don't think it is. Perhaps this group be better served getting their own 24 hour liberal news network on the show complete with opinion and editorial talking head shows. It never ceases to amaze me that people waste their time and energy on such nonsense. I tend to vote Republican more than I do Democrat and consider myself more middle of the road instead being something as trivial as considering myself a liberal or conservative. I really could care less what is on CNN, MSNBC or Fox news and how bias there is in the media. People should have the common sense enough to look at both sides of an issue from various sources themselves without having to be spoon fed by the mainstream media.
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In all honesty, I would prefer that all the news outlets have a bias. But I'd want them to do it with a positive spin. Dig for all the good things that your side can do, the positive things that they've done, get the news out. But instead, they all just do exactly the same thing the politicians do. Dig up all the dirt they can find on the other guys and splatter it all over the walls.
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I don't mind bias, so long as it's disclosed.
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