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introducing myself

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Hi my name is Veronica and i have a cat named Tigger(about 7) and a kitten named Lily(month and a half). i posted somewhere else with a question and i was told to post here to introduce my self. So here I am!
So i guess thats it, this is a kool site adn i got tons of replies to my previous questiin thanks!
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Welcome Veronica and your cats too!!

it's so nice to see so many new faces everyday,
i hope you stay with us, and enjoy the forums

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Hey Veronica!

Welcome! Hope you post often and feel as much one of the family as the rest of us do.
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Hi Veronica, Tigger and Lily! Welcome from beautiful Ashland, Virginia, where Spring has sprung and noses are running everywhere from the pollen!

Hope to hear more about you and your kitties soon,

Gaye and the Gang at Rosehaven Farm
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hope to see you around!
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Welcome !!
Hope you have a good time here.

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Welcome to you!!!! So glad you have joined us!!! Make yourself at home!
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Thanks for the welcome everyone, things are going as well as can be expected. take care
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Tigger and Lilly; Glad you made it over to introduce yourselves. Hope to talk(type) with you often. Welcome to our Site.
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This is such a cool site, so many nice people to meet I'm a new (kitten) here to & I feel right at home already!
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There is a nice saucer of milk to savor, plenty of tricksters about to delight you with their many stories and adventures. There is warm fellowship bonded strongly with the love the cats. Welcome to the nicest site on the net, the last friendly frontier for cat lovers in CyberSpace!

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Welcome to our family. This site is wonderful. The people on this site remind of the caring, loving second family I have on my greyhound board. Stay a while, you'll get wonderful information and great stories.

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Welcome to The Cat Site! Thank you both — and you too Veronica — for joining us here.

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