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It's already like that nearly! When they're both in the same room, they're too busy chasing each other around and poking at each other and generally being insane to even notice I'm there too!!

I've seen them use each other's litter tray and they've even eaten food from the same bowl (though they're not supposed to because they both have slightly different food right now!) And then this morning, Yuna was crying so I let her out and they started playing. It was 6am so I just thought "Meh, I'll go back to sleep."
I wake up to a silent room... look over to the window (I have floor length thick black curtains) and see 2 little tails sticking out from the bottom really close to each other. They'd fallen asleep there (Shinya likes sleeping there)... and NEXT to each other! SO cute and such a relief.. I mean, Yuna has only been here for 4 days, and they've only been together for 2. I guess it's cause they're both so young, they adapted FAST.

Today they're been better though... when Shinya gets tired, she'll plod over to me and make her "ATTENTION PLEASE!" noise and collapse in a heap next to me. Yuna usually has to be taken out of the room at this point because she's too kitteny to understand that she NEEDS SLEEP. She'd play until the passed out! And when Yuna woke up in my room this morning, she hopped onto the bed and started purring/nudging me/rubbing me/licking my face... so I guess they haven't forgotten about me YET!!!

Oh, and if you haven't seen it...


You should take a lot of credit for this!! Because of the advice on this thread, they're playing together like this now!
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That video is so cute. What beautiful kittens you have!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
That video is so cute. What beautiful kittens you have!
Thankyou!!! I know perhaps I shouldn't say things like this but, they ARE really so beautiful! I have this feeling they're going to get older and become these graceful stunning cats, and they're going to stare at me with this "Yes.. we ARE more beautiful that you!" look!! Right now they're just balls of silly kitteny-ness but... I can tell that they're going to be amazing to look at when they're older.. So jealous of them.
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Yeah, I'm jealous of mine every day when I have to walk out the door to work and they're all romping or sleeping and just doing cat stuff with absolutely no concern in the world or responsibility other than to keep those squirrels on the deck in line (through the glass door)
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Congratulations that the introductions have worked I just watched the video and they're adorable.

Watching two cats playing like that always makes me want to get a second kitty but my Nikita wouldn't appreciate that. She's a year and a half now and very settled with me and doesn't like other cats at all unfortunately.

Anyway your kitties are so gorgeous and their colours are very nicely complimentary. Grey goes very well with red
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Believe it or not, Siggav, my Bengals are the first ones to take to the kittens, when they come in. Now, that's not to say that they don't spend the first day trying to bully it, and I thought Joyeux was going to try to kill Pogue when he first came, but..yeah, one day of Pogue and Joyeux batting paws under the bathroom door and they were best friends.

Khan, who is notorious for his ongoing demonic growling noises (I heard him do this once for two weeks almost non-stop), is an F3 and while he didn't take to the older cats (or older kittens), *doted* on young kittens. He loved Tavi, Joyeux, and Pogue right off the bat (well, that is, one day and he accepted them).. which surprised us all.
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