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HELP! Stop The Tears! :(

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Ok, my kittys (ash) eyes are watering. I noticed this last night when I took a picture of her and another cat while they were napping. They were sleeping in weird positions and we thought it was cute. Anyways, I looked at her because she would not open her eyes. Come to find out, they are pouring with clear fluid.

I started to get a little freaked out and immediately wiped them with a moist eye cloth for cats. I opened them to see what the problem was and did not see anything. No clumps, redness or swollen anything. They just keep draining. I decided to be safe than sorry and administered some eye drops that were used on our other cats that had minor scratches to prevent infections/clear up infections. This did not seem to bother her.

She is eating, drinking, sleeping and walking about as normal. She is even stalking flies occasionally. However, I want to know what you all think? She does not appear to be in pain at all. Shes not showing any signs that she knows this is happening other than her constant squinting.

I have notice now, a tiny bit of mucus in one eye that was coming out when I put in drops a few mins ago. Nothing else.

What do you all think it is? Was it my flash? Was it going from dark to light too fast?

Thanks for any help!

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She might be getting an upper respatory infection. I'd take her to the vet.
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I agree, it very well could be the start of an URI.
A visit to the Vet is probably in order.
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That`s the first thing I notice when Toby is getting one too....not really "tears" but very wet looking eyes that make them look glassy.
Antibiotics are probably in order.....I`d agree about taking your kitty to the vet.
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Not sure why I did not see the replies or why I was not informed, however - this went away the very next day without any problems. Nothing to indicate an infection of any sort.
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I have a herpes cat who's eyes get very watery from time to time. It helps a lot when I keep him on L-Lysine daily. I buy a powder form and mix it into his wet food.
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