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What color shall I make my hair today???

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Ok Im in need of coloring my hair... The outgrowth isnt working for me anymore (its ashy blonde)! Here is the scoop if you can catch an image, right now I color my hair all black (jet black)... Today I am just going to touch up the outgrowth and do something different with the rest. I was thinking about coloring the under half of my hair blonde (if it gets past the orange stage and is pale enough for me... this could get ugly since I have no toners on hand) or bright red... I will forworn that if my blonde does not turn out (have to do the blonde stage first) than the underneath part will be bright red anyways. So my question is... If the blonde turns out good keep it? Or take it to the next level and go bright red anyways?

I am a licensed barber/cosmetologist so this isnt a total chance of disaster
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There was another thread on here about color. I have mine natural red (I'm really natural blonde but my mom said I had strawberry blonde as a child). Red fades fast but until I read the other thread didn't know its the hardest color to get out too

I'm not into the non-natural colors. Still think its a bit weird other then around holiday times or Halloween. Saw this guy (in his 50's) at a cat show with very bright BLUE hair - people were doing their best not to laugh too loud. He was wearing normal clothes but had the bright blue hair.

I know I don't look good (look like I'm dead) with dark black hair, so I would never color my hair black. I do look good in blonde or red - love the red now

As to your question - I don't like the black and blonde hair - too weird of a contrast in my opinion - if given the choice I'd do the black/red.
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Im the one who posted that red is the hardest color to remove... So hum no opinions? Dont like any of em huh? That is ok... Im just bored with my hair and feeling creative today... Should be fun, Im already parted off and ready to get started, this is going to take a long time, I should have just stayed in bed
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But it's so entertaining to read about! Please post the results when you're finished.
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Heck I will even take a picture, after I get my face on... Im processing right now. I have a feeling this is going to require alot of effort, formulation and work...
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why not purple?
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Not saying I don't like any of your suggestions. If I picked one it would be black/red over the black/blonde.

The black/blonde looks too much like "skunk hair"

Personally I just don't like the non-natural colors. But that's me
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Well it ended up being black and bright red... It looks extreme but cute at the same time... Ill post pics when I get some (I only did a small section of red underneath... LOL my mom thought it was fake hair because it is so vibrant!!!

I didnt do purple because I had no purple haircolor at home... Otherwise I would have!
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I started another thread with the picture results, but for those who missed it... Here is the final result:

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