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Interesting Thread about Image Copyright Infringement

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This isn't directly related to TCS, thankfully, but since there are many people here working on digital images and maybe using stock photography, I thought you might find it interesting.

It's a long thread on a webmasters board. The bottom line is that a big stock photography company uses an algorithm to track down unauthorized uses of its images. If they catch you using an image of theirs without permission you get an invoice to the sum of $1000 for each image. If you don't pay - they sue.


I am always amazed to see how some people still think that "if it's on the Internet, I can use it", when quite the opposite is true. Everything is copyrighted, unless you got explicit written permission to use it.

Again, not related to anything specific on TCS - just thought you guys might find it interesting.
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That's very interesting. Thanks for sharing this.
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yup, makes me want to go see if any images i've used in the past are from there - but i don't want them to see my IP address......
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Well, it could be a matter of them finding you... if their bots run across your site and find anything. That thread had instructions on how to block the bot from the server, you may want to have a look there. People blocked it mainly because it was a resource hogger though. The best thing is just to make sure that you have copyrights to every image on your site.
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I kind of wonder what you do, when you find your own images on other people's sites or being used by other people. I've had so many people just help themselves to some of my images it's not funny. I know they're not profiting from it, but it still makes my blood boil.
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According to laws in most countries, you find out who the owner of the website is and contact them giving them 10 days to take the image down or you will consider further action.

As far as winning a case, most of the time it is a matter of making them take it down unless you can prove you would profit from the image (as in Getty's case where they charge per image) unless they are making a profit from your work in which case it works slightly different and you can in some cases claim for lost earnings / damages
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