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Blood in stools...

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I've had my kitten for about 2 weeks and took her to the vet to be de-wormed and treated for ear mites last week. That night she had a bit of blood in her stools, so I called the vet and they said it was probably due to the fecal they gave her. However, tonight, after she pooped, I checked her butt (as I usually do, to make sure she doesn't have any left over that will get everywhere) and wiped off the remaining to find that it was just blood.

For the record, she checked out as an otherwise VERY healthy kitten at the vet and has been acting very playful and happy ever since.

What should I do? Is this normal in kittens after taking de-worming medicine? Should I consider getting her back to the vet?
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Bright red?
How much on the tissue?
You haven't noticed it before now?
Hard stools? Normal? Large amount of stool or normal?
Change in diet recently?
Change in eating habits or activity level?
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It was a light-to-mid red. Not TOO dark. And there was a decent amount on the tissue. I only noticed it once and it was the night after they gave her the fecal. Since then, I've noticed nothing. However, I've not seen any blood in her actual poop, just on her butt.

Everything else is normal and she's acted, ate, and been just like she has for the past 2 weeks since I've gotten her.
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A bit of bright red blood on feces is usually a sign of bowel irratation and can be caused by a lot of things most of which are short term issues and nothing to worry about. If it goes on for a long time or there are other symptoms you should work with a vet to try to figure out the cause.
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