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i rescued an orphaned kitten, its approx 10-14 days old, i have to feed it out of a siringe, i got information on how to take care of him, plus with some previous experience with my personal cat. I do however, have a question, It has peed, but it has not pooped yet, i just rescued him yesterday, how long does it take for the kittens to poop, since i don't know when he was feed before i got him. how many days should i give it before i find a vet? Also does anyone know approx how much a kitten enima is?
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A kitten that young has to have help peeing and pooping. Get a washcloth and wet it with warm water. Gently rub the kittens pee pee and anus. The kitty should go within 20-30 seconds, if it doesnot go try again in a few hours. If you go toyour local pet store, you can get a kit with a bottle and KMR in it to feed the baby, Do you have a heating pad? wrap one in a small blanket for the kitty to lay on. A baby that tiny needs additional warmth. Hope this helps you. Good Luck
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i have been doing all of that but he pees no problem just doesn't poop, oh and he wouldn't suck so i had to get the siringe so i could feed him,, i have the kitty formula..and somehow the last time i feed him he finally sucked on it and had no problem, i am going to try again with the bottle tomorrow, the only bad thing about those is you have to determine the size of the hole on the nipples, the first one i got the whole was too big so i had to get another one, this time i got smart and got the package that had the extra nipples but how long should i wait before he poops?
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I am still wondering how long it takes for a kitten that has just been introduced to KMR, to poop? he is not crying and his tummy is not hard yet but i have had him for two whole days and still nothing. My 5 year will be devistated if something happens to this kitty, so to prevent that i'm asking, also i can't take him to the vet yet because i do not get paid till wedns. soo i don't know what to do,
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what are you keeping him in? how much is he eating? mine went at most day and half...check his cage/bedding to see if hes gone(especially if he has a stuffed toy-seems to stimulate mine to go)
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Hes in a box with stuffed animals, he is gaining weight though..
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sometimes when kittens start on KMR it can take a few days before he has his first poop, if after 4 days he still hasnt done anything then a vet check is in order once he has gone it will normally be about once a day.
thank you for looking after this little one and Welcome to TCS. keep us updated please.
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Thank you i weighed him on friday and he was 8 ounces, i weighed him today and now he's 9 ounces the only problem is that he won't suck the KMR from a bottle yet so i have to use a syringe, any suggestions on how to keep the liquid warm inside, he doesn't eat it if its cold, and then i have to keep running it under warm water to warm it up again and it takes forever..
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Pull a smaller amount into the syringe. It means you will have to refill it often, but it's not a big deal compared to rewarming.

Maybe try to make a water bath for the remainder of the feeding - except use hot water and don't keep it on the stove. Basically, that's a small bowl (containing the feeding), sitting inside a larger bowl (partially filled with hot water - don't let it over flow into the small bowl). The trick is going to be to not let it get too hot.
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Thanks i'm surprised i didn't think of that before, thats what we used to do with my infants bottle, but shes not an infant any more and well its been a while..
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Kitty pooped today YAY!!!!
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