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Spay and Neuter/Indoor contract.

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I was just wondering if this is possible for a rescue to do.

We have several cats that we adopt out as kittens that we cannot spay because they are not over the weight limit. (we have a kitten that is 4 months old.. weighs 1.6lbs and is still the same size as an 8 week old kitten, but healthy-- as well as we do not have the funds to do so. We are currently caring for 150 animals at this present time) So we still adopt them out.. maybe 7-10 people won't spay or neuter the cat.

Also we adopt to indoor homes only. We rescue cats off the road so we don't want to put them back into that same situation. Like today for example.. a lady came in and wanted to adopt one of our scaredy kitties. And we told her that was fine if she was approved.. well she lets her other cats outside, so we weren't going to let him go, because he is the type of cat that you would never see again if it went outside. Most people that come in to adopt, we won't adopt to. Because they won't take cat to vet, or let it outside. We prefer they feed a higher quality food too, but there's nothing we can do about that..

Anyway... my point is that, how can we go about setting up one of these contracts so that if they don't send us proof of spay by 7 months old or whatever that we can go back and take the cat back either until they set up the appointment or we keep it, whatever.

Do we have to contact a lawyer to write this up? And when we do, it is legal to take our cats back?
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Our rescue has agreements set up with participating vets for them to do the spay/neuter and then charge us a reduced fee. The adoption contract has a spay/neuter certificate attached and we give them a list of participating vets.

We can tell who got their pets done by the billings we get from the vets because they include the cat ID numbers. If we don't get a bill we know to call the adopters.

So you can add the cost of the spay/neuter to your initial kitten charge and you will get billed on the back side for it.
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After reading your post again I realized you were asking about binding contract language also. If you send me your email via PM I can send you a copy of our contract if that helps. It includes language about taking the cats back too
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When we resued Leya from the pound they gave us a contract that said exactly what you want. She was six months old and they gave me 30 days to get her spayed or they would have the police come and take her back. I had to tell them who my vet was, had to be a nearby vet, and they contacted the vet and told them about the contract. The vet had to write them back when I got her spayed so they would know that I followed through in time.

I know laws are different per state so you should look that up. I probably would got to some sort of legal institution and see what you can personally do.
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Not all rescues believe it or not spay/nueter. I knew of a STUPID place that a man got an abandoned beagle mix puppy from, as a result of their STUPIDNESSS She's now in heat and I'm going to help him out by taking him to a no cost spay

Oh and I'm sure they didn't give him vac papers either Sense he has no idea if they did or not.

Very good of you for trying to get them spay/nuetered.
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