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Oh my god, is this *FINALLY* it!?!?!

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So Lily and I spent some much needed cuddle time together, as I was gone most of the day, shared many hugs and kisses....

And about four minutes ago I noticed a string of gloopy off-white stuff hanging from her vagina.

Me being my gross self, I wiped it with my finger and inspected it to make sure it wasn't anything potentially dangerous....put her in her nesting nook, where she laid for a few minutes purring. I lifted up her leg and a little more of that goop was coming out, THENNNN she started licking her belly!!!!

Is this it??

How much longer will this torture go on? My husband is away this weekend on business and I'm all alone, and I think it's finally happening!!! I called him right away, and my luck, straight to voice-mail because he's in a meeting!!!

Send some good vibes my way please, I am one nervous WRECK right now!!!

This all started around 9:05.

Is this it!?! Is it is it is it!?!?? O.M.G. !!!
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Sounds to me like she is very close, but you could still have a few hours to go.... keep us updated!
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She's in her nesting nook and there's tiny stream of blood soaking into the pillowcase...not much blood, but a little.

She's being such a tropper, sitting there and purring.
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Kitten Number one is out!!!!!
The little baby is moving around and mommy is cleaning her off.

Should I do anything in preparation for kitten number two???

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Ew, I must say I wasn't prepared to watch her eat that entire bloody sac...but it's good that she did.

The little one let out a few little "mews".


I don't know if I should move the first baby for the second or what, Lily did such a good job of doing everything she needed to with the first!!!!

I'm so in awe!
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For the most part, it's instict with animals. Mom will know what to do. You shouldn't need to do anything but keep a watchful eye. Once we had a cat that we took in that ended up being pregnant. We had to cut all the umbilical cords after the first kitten was born. Congatulations on the births!
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Kitten number two is all black (from the looks of it).

She's doing such a great job, they make so much adorable noise!!!

I just get worried she's squishing them, but I guess I shouldn't worry so much since is a natural thing and all!!!
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Awww that is great news and cant wait to see more pics...and congrats to you and momma
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How exciting! Just 2 so far? I did have to help a little bit with Elsa when she had kitten #6 & #7 right on top of each other, and she didn't break the sac of #6, so I did it.
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Four now.

Do you think there could be anymore in there?

They're so noisy and adorable and I took so many pics, I went through two sets of batteries in my camera.

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Aren't they just the best? How big was your girl? Elsa was just enormous, and couldn't even lie on her side or stomach - only on her back. She had eight kittens.
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Awwwww, that's so cool, seems like everyone has delivered now except mine..... Congrats to you and momma..
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Here's my favorite picture:

Lily exhuasted....those babies took a lot out of her.

Here's the happy family:

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Awe! She looks so content!
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She is!!!! She's so tired but purring up a storm!!!

I wanted to share with you guys my favorite little guy. Here he is whispering in Mommy's ear...he was the smallest so everyone else kept pushing him around and he was just trying to do his thang!

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How many did she end up having?
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Oh and by the way, it is now 1:00am and I am settling down, letting the new family get their MUCH NEEDED rest.

3 hours and 45 minutes of me sitting with her through that beautiful horror!!! She was so trustintg of me though, letting me lift her legs, move her babies around to make things easier and more comfy, etc...
Nice weekend to go on a business trip Patrick, not to MENTION I haven't even been able to tell him how many kittens, the most I got out was "Oh my god, Lily is having her babies, she's going into labor!!!!"..... and he was like "Oh, they're here, I gotta go....".


What a beautiful experience though.

Question, when is it appropriate to change all the bedding? I had three big pillowcases filled with newspapers and during labor she pushed them aside and managed to bleed and such on the bedding underneath. When is a good time to do this???
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon View Post
How many did she end up having?


I'm assuming she's done since they're all asleep.
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Do you think she waited until Patrick was gone?

That nursing photo is just precious. I can't wait to see them when they're all fluffy and dry!
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Originally Posted by mishirish View Post
Do you think she waited until Patrick was gone?

That nursing photo is just precious. I can't wait to see them when they're all fluffy and dry!

I'm going to tell him she wanted to share her intimate experience with me and only me.

I know, I'm so in love already, they're just going to get cuter and cuter.

And for the record... it's 2am and I cannot sleep a wink, I keep going in to check on everyone.
The babies are suckling away loudly and Lily is purring and everytime I come over she moves her head in for a pet and a kiss!!!!

I am so in love.
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Congratulations Dani and Lily! What a bunch of cuties

I left the soiled bedding in for a day to give them time to rest and get settled before I disturbed them. There wasn't that much blood on it though. If Lily's letting you stroke her and them then I'm sure she'll let you change it.
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Isn't it just amazing???? Glad things are going well. The first one (red tabby) looks like it will have really nice markings

Whenever my queens had them I'd sit right there. With Lady I would have to cut cords - she never would, but would take care of the rest. Usually I would help break the sac around the face and get their mouth open so they could breathe quicker then give them back to mom to finish cleaning them off. Then as she was having the next one I'd cradle the kittens in my hands/lap on a blanket and let her take care of the next. In between times I'd let her have all the kittens to nurse.

I know you don't have to do so, but felt it was easier for her to concentrate on the newborn kitten cleaning them up and not to worry about moving the other kittens out of the way

Can't wait for pictures. And yes the only part I could not stand to watch was eating the placenta - I'd have to leave the room
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I would change to the pillowcase with towel in another day or two. I changed it too soon one time and she wound up having another one when I thought she was finished. So after that I allowed 1-2 days before changing to the nicer pillowcase.

Looks like one red tabby and the rest all black? Any torties in there?
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I changed the pillowcases this morning... I'm going to wash them and the bloody towel that she bled all over and then put them back in (to make it cushy again)...for now I put a really soft baby blanket in there.

She finally ate this morning (and a lot, might I add), once she saw me and felt more comfortable. Poor thing is just a baby herself and just wanted her mommy!!!

The first kitty (orange one) is definitely the most dominant AND most vocal.

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All four this morning:

This one (beautiful grayish face) I've named Pookie, he (or she!) is my favorite:

Here's a sweet little guy that didn't want to be moved:

Here's Mommy and babies on her clean blanket after I changed it:

She's so happy and such a wondeful Mommy!!!!!!!
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Congratulations, Dani! What a wonderful experience for you. Lily's done such a good job. That last photo screams out for one word: CONTENTMENT!

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Congratulations!!! They are all gorgeous!
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Oh cool - one red tabby, one blue tabby (like mom, she's a blue cream), and 2 blacks. Willing to bet the red tabby is a male, so you can use him as a model for sexing the rest of them
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Oh my, they are so adorable as is Lily.
I do have to say that the orange one is my favorite...I LOVE orange kitties, I have an orange girl and she's such a little sweetie so I guess that's why they're my favortie.
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Thanks to everyone!!!
It's been a stressful few days!!!

I try to tell myself it's nature and everything is fine, but I'm still paranoid for my baby and her little babies!!!

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